Because We Love Them: Emma Stone & Andrew Garfield Look Adorable In LA [PHOTOS]

Emma & Andrew
Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield share a few kisses.
Seriously, is it possible for Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield to get any cuter than they already are?

The Amazing Spider-Man stars looked beyond adorable today (October 7) as they were spotted leaving Book Soup in LA. I wonder what they books they looked for. Emma seems like the novel type, while I for some reason imagine Andrew buying coffee table books on architecture.

Emma seems to have gotten back into the swing of LA time quite quickly after her trip to Paris for Fashion Week. You know, I prefer her as a redhead, but my word does she look glamours with the blonde. Also, what is that on Andrew’s face?

I know it’s a beard, but it’s so splotchy. Like, super long in the side burn area and non-existent on the front of the face. And it’s not like he’s shaved it like that, it apparently doesn’t grow there. That’s cool, he still looks hot.

I don’t like that Emma and Andrew are keeping their distance from each other. I much prefer it when they get close, cuddle up, show some PDA. I know, I know, I hate PDA, but for some reason with Emma and Andrew it’s totally OK. Launch the gallery to check out just how cute they are together.

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