Beauty Buzz: We Say Good-Bye To The Beautiful People Of Orange County

This is not a one of my typical beauty columns today – where I share a fun beauty trick or recommend a beauty product. Today–or tonight, rather–we say farewell to the show “The O.C.” which premiered four years ago and has since become a phenomenon with a loyal cult following. We couldn’t get enough of the drama, the Cohen family and the beautiful sights of southern California and now they are being taken away from us…forever.

We were introduced to things like Chrismukkah, a slew of bands exhibiting super-cool, California-style music and the original beauty and the geek relationship between Seth Cohen and Summer Roberts, all of which have left their indelible mark on popular culture. Premiering in the summer of 2003, the show seemed to make a connection with teens – 30-something’s across the country, making way for a rebirth of the night-time soap. And the ten million viewers that tuned into the show made it a marketer’s wet dream, with advertising for youthful and engaging products and services. Not since the days of “Melrose Place” and “Beverly Hills 90210,” has there been a better show that centered around the teeny-bopper drama or lifestyles of the rich, successful and beautiful people of La La Land.

More of Christy’s hearfelt goodbye after the jump…

“The O.C.”, which was experiencing its most creative season yet, according to Josh Schwartz the show’s creator and executive producer, was canceled by the network due to low ratings. Unfortunately, FOX thought they could compete in a Thursday night timeslot against “Grey’s Anatomy,” which ultimately is the cause for the show’s untimely demise. Also, who knew that killing off whiny, alcoholic Marissa would have such an impact with viewers? I was actually interested to see how they would continue the show without her character. Personally, I welcomed the change, seeing as she was one of my least favorite characters.

Let’s take a trip down memory lane and remember all the drama that the OC has given us over the years:

Who could forget the time that Ryan looked back and saw Marissa standing at the end of her driveway and thought she was the most beautiful girl he had ever seen? What about when the gang went to Tijuana and found Marissa is a drunken stupor and Ryan carried Marissa out of the dirty alley leaving us all wondering if she would live or die? Remember crazy Oliver? Summer and Seth finally getting together with a resounding YAY?!?!

Ryan and Marissa got together then they broke up, back together but then Ryan found out he could be the baby-daddy for the ugly ex-girlfriend of his from Chino….what was her name? And more importantly, did we care? Julie was always going to cardio bar…was it a bar or a workout place? What about when Marissa was screwing the pool boy to get back at her mom and dad?

Taylor tried to break up Seth and Summer and then we found out she was doing the new Dean. Remember when Caleb bit the dust? He had a heart attack and fell in the pool Julie tried to save him but he was unresponsive. Then we later find out that he was BROKE AS A JOKE!!! What??? Kirsten became and alcoholic and we all thought Sandy was going to screw Dana Delaney or was it Kim Delaney?

HMMMMM….well it’s all good. I will miss the show and the witty banter between Seth and his dad, Seth and Ryan and Ryan and Sandy. I will miss the music, Chrismukkah, Taylor talking frantically and never shutting up, the coffee shop at the pier, Pancakes the bunny, but most of all, I will miss the theme song “California, California, here we come” not anymore. “California, California, there you go” is leaving us all to go back to our very normal lives.

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