Beauty Buzz: Victoria’s Latest Secret- She Likes To Read

I guess that the Victoria’s Secret models have just more to do than prance around in their bras and underwear all day. Apparently these lovely ladies enjoy reading books. Yes that is right they have formed their own little book club!

At Tuesday’s launch for the new line of Very Sexy Makeup, a few of Victoria’s vixens offered up some of their favorite reads and what they are currently reading. Alessandra Ambrosio’s preference has a very erotic theme, “it’s about a hooker.” The book, “Doce Veneno de Escorpião” (“The Scorpion’s Sweet Poison”), is an autobiography/how-to manual written by Raquel Pacheco, a Brazilian call-girl. Karolina Kurkova apparently has a deep and spiritual side choosing a book written by a Buddhist Monk entitled “Anger”. With all of that said, I think while most men will agree smart women are very sexy they would rather hear Gisele talk about what underwear she has on rather than what book she is reading.

Written by Christy Pastore

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