Beauty Buzz: Touch Up Your Toes!

January 9th, 2007 // 2 Comments

Looking to spark up your nails? Tired of the same old manicure? Well, I have the answer–mix it up with some seriously cute nail decals! Get your nails polished in any color and then attach the stickers or crystals for a flirty, yet easy-to-do look.

Visit the candy shop–the foot candy shop and check out all the cute and fashionable decals they have to offer. Several themes are available, from insects to romance, or you can get completely carried away to the islands with a tropical theme. You can purchase 60 decals in one of the six themes for $14.00 or you can purchase all six for $24.00 (on sale from the regular price of $32.50). Each nail decal set comes with directions and fun ideas for different ways to decorate your nails. Mix and match the crystals and decals to make your toes wiggle with delight.


  1. Delurking just to say that we gave my daughter some nail “jewels” for Christmas and within about 30 minutes we found them throughout the entire house because they wouldn’t stay on her nails. They weren’t the brand you mention in your post, but still, NEVER AGAIN (at least not ’til she’s older and won’t consider them stickers to put on furniture and pets).

    Love the site – it’s my new daily must-read!

  2. sandy

    You have to have really nice feet and toes to wear something like that to draw attention to them. I don’t want to see feet like those of Paris Hilton, Britney Spears, Jessica Simpson etc that look like ugly/mangled/disgusting messes.

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