Beauty Buzz: Top Ten Most Beautiful Women of 2006

December 26th, 2006 // 21 Comments

The end of the year is always filled with top 100 lists or “best of” lists, ranging from all sorts of subjects, from beauty, style to videos–what have you. Whatever you want, there’s a list for it! And, not to be outdone, I’ve compiled my own list of the most beautiful female celebrities of 2006. But don’t worry ladies, I’ll be doing a Top Ten list for the guys as well!

10. Adriana Lima - This Brazilian Beauty has graced the cover of the Victoria’s Secret catalog all year long. The 25-year-old made quite a splash at the runway shows this year as well. Adriana can transform herself into a sultry bedroom vixen or a regular girl next door with make-up and style, making her my number ten choice.

9. Charlize Theron – Charlize has a signature style of natural beauty. Her make-up always looks fresh and clean. What makes her most attractive is those long legs that most guys wouldn’t mind having wrapped around them. She often looks as if she’s stepped out of a time machine from 1940′s Hollywood Glam!

8. Jennifer Connelly – In the previews for her new movie, “Blood Diamond,” Jennifer Connelly looks stunningly beautiful. This Brooklyn native is a tall, gorgeous brunette with exotic, dark, thick brows and happens to have one of the best smiles I have ever seen.

The rest of the top 10 list is after the jump.

7. Kelly Monaco - Kelly, who comes from a big Italian Catholic family, describes herself as a born competitor. She is very athletic and because of this, working-out is a huge part of her daily life. She must drink a lot of water too because her complexion is always glowing. She never takes a bad photograph and she always has a smile on her face!

6. Courtney Cox - Let’s face it, Courtney is looking better than ever in 2006! I mean, have you seen the previews for Dirt? Like a fine wine, she has aged very well. The woman looks incredible in her 40′s! Courtney is in great shape and her make-up looks great whether she is glam or just hanging at the beach.

5. Rihanna – Rihanna has had a huge year with her debut album, making S.O.S. an anthem for many young women everywhere. Not to mention that at the beginning of the month she signed a contract with Cover Girl cosmetics–a pretty big endorsement of her physical beauty, if you ask me. Her deep-set eyes and intriguing smile make Rihanna one of the most beautiful women of 2006, in this blogger’s opinion.

4. Angelina Jolie – The woman is gorgeous, plain and simple. She is practically one of sexiest women on the planet. Those lips, those eyes and that body! Even after having Brad Pitt’s baby, she still looks as beautiful as ever. All you have to do is look at her ad campaign she did with St. Johns and you will see why she is number four on the list.

3. Jennifer Aniston - Despite the success of her movie “The Break-Up,” Jennifer Aniston unfortunately experienced a bit of art imitating life with her recent split from her boyfriend and co-star, Vince Vaughan. Single or not, Jennifer is in the best shape of her life, exuding a classic beauty radiating from her gorgeous eyes and hair color, which help her to look fabulous any time of day.

2. Eva Longoria - This woman has been all over 2006. Eva has a hit television show, has graced the cover of many magazines and is newly engaged. This strikingly beautiful Latina sports a gorgeous complexion that has helped make her one of the most gorgeous women of 2006. Eva goes out in a Juicy Couture jumpsuit with virtually no make-up and still looks hot!

1. Kate Beckinsale - Kate has been looking quite stunning this past year. Her appearance at the Click premiere could have been classified as her coming-out party. She has a great smile framed by a thick head of gorgeous brunette mane. Kate’s glowing complexion and high cheek bones both function to draw you into those big brown eyes of hers.


  1. impatient1

    This list is laughable.

  2. M

    what?!?!!?! Jennifer Aniston is No.3? GASTLY. she’s so fug she shouldn’t be in the list at all.

  3. Mike R

    #3 Aniston??? Christ, if I had a dog that homely I’d shave it’s ass and make it walk backwards.

  4. Melissa

    you’ve got to be kidding!

  5. blondebombshell

    adriana lima??? she looks like a retarded six year old every time she smiles.

  6. jannre

    I don’t think Whorelina should have been on the list, she looks like an anorexic crack ho. And she looks very manly with her hugh head…

  7. Fabiola

    Kate Beckinsale is BORING BORING BORING

  8. Shauna

    This is Rihanna’s SECOND album not her debut, and while I agree with some of your choices, you could have had a more original and accurate list.

  9. Who knew such attractive people post on Socialite’s Life?

  10. ZeldaF

    Thanks for putting Jennifer Aniston on there! Although I don’t think she’s drop dead beautiful like some of the others are, I still think she’s very pretty. And I agree, she looks better now than she ever has before; she’s radiant. Let us not forget, beauty also comes from within (Thank God!) Jennifer’s beauty – in part – can be attributed to the extreme grace she practiced during the time that the evil headed twin, media whore aka Butt Putt and Whorelina relentlessly threw their cheap, nasty, extremely tacky, little affair in her face, every chance possible. That must have been a horrible time for her. Jennifer was composed and graceful the duration. I for one admire her grace; it’s a value rarely seen these days amongst the hollywierd set.

  11. Ted Whitham

    To those of you who “HATE” on Jennifer Aniston..SHAME! You people are the obvious classless, redneck, distasteful type who want to see Pamela Anderson, etc. This was an impeccable list of the beautiful women in Hollywood and if it weren’t so obvious, I’d put Jennifer Aniston at Number 1!! Not only is she beautiful through all her physical characteristics, she embodies sincerity, grace, and a personality that is unmatched. So I’m sorry there wasn’t a “2006 Celebrity list” for white trash, in-breeds who don’t know crap about what they’re talking about. Look for that in your next Penthouse issue hicks.

  12. Charlotte

    Everyone needs to calm down with all this “Jennifer Anniston is a wonderful human” bullsh*t. The list was about most ATRACTIVE (which unfortunately, she isn’t), not most inner beauty. She definitely has a horse face.

  13. dat_dOod

    who da hell are these standards according to? LOL dam near err one of dese females on dis thing are fuckin garbage.

  14. Derrick

    Yeah, what the hell is with this Jennifer Aniston inner beauty. First, none of you have met any of these people so you really don’t know shit about her except that her husband left her for another woman. And second, we’re talking about most attractive on that list Jennifer Aniston is sitting not-quite pretty with the other average Hollywood actresses. Let’s be real, you can go to any mall in America and see 15 women better looking that Jennifer Anniston, but the Angeline Jolie’s and Charlize Theron’s are a needle in a haystack.

  15. Dee

    They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder…are you cross eyed???

    Charlize Theron at #9 must be your idea of a joke.

  16. Whatever

    To Ted Whitham:

    FYI, if we were all “white trash rednecks”, then of course we would have wanted Jennifer as #1.

  17. TheExpert

    Eva Longoria is a mexican midget. (No offense to the little people out there.) Blech. Kate Beckinsale may be pretty but pictures of her sucking on coffin nails during her “workout” is just disgusting. Her husband must like licking ashtrays. Everyone else, eh …. pretty enough, but I think Angelina is by far the best looking and that, after all, was the point of the list.

  18. jen

    I think there is a mistake…you clearly state in the blurb on Angelina “All you have to do is look at her ad campaign she did with St. Johns and you will see why she is number three on the list.” Yet, she is at number 4. Ooops.

  19. zoo

    You have got to be kidding! Jennifer Aniston at #3??? Beating out natural beauties like Anjelina and Ms.Lima is clearly a joke! I guess if you’re into women who chain smoke and have those smoking wrinkles (pretend to be healthy on the cig diet), are man-dependent, that actually look sort of manly then…I guess you can honestly earn the #3 spot! Out of all the women in Hollywood, Aniston is a top 10 beauty? Sad, that’s just sad.

  20. ZeldaF

    Hey – you Aniston haters…. IT’S A BLOG! It’s a list, someone’s opinion. If you don’t agree, go out there, create a website, advertise, somehow get thousands of people to log on every day, and make up your own damned list! And leave Jennifer Aniston alone. If you looked into it, I’ll bet most of those women smoke. I still stand firmly on the “inner beauty & grace”. And really, most of these faceless anonymous bloggers are probably very thankful that some of the other sex believe it too.

  21. Muggs

    I personally don’t think either Aniston or Jolie are very attractive at all, but like they say, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and everyone is entitled to their own opinion. The people typing trash about the people who voted need to go start their own blog and post who they think should have won, and let others trash them in all their perfection. And to the person who thinks Jolie is natural, there are several websites with interviews from the doctors and nurses who helped her get that “natural” beauty with before and after pics.

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