Beauty Buzz: Top Ten Most Beautiful Women of 2006

The end of the year is always filled with top 100 lists or “best of” lists, ranging from all sorts of subjects, from beauty, style to videos–what have you. Whatever you want, there’s a list for it! And, not to be outdone, I’ve compiled my own list of the most beautiful female celebrities of 2006. But don’t worry ladies, I’ll be doing a Top Ten list for the guys as well!

10. Adriana Lima - This Brazilian Beauty has graced the cover of the Victoria’s Secret catalog all year long. The 25-year-old made quite a splash at the runway shows this year as well. Adriana can transform herself into a sultry bedroom vixen or a regular girl next door with make-up and style, making her my number ten choice.

9. Charlize Theron – Charlize has a signature style of natural beauty. Her make-up always looks fresh and clean. What makes her most attractive is those long legs that most guys wouldn’t mind having wrapped around them. She often looks as if she’s stepped out of a time machine from 1940’s Hollywood Glam!

8. Jennifer Connelly – In the previews for her new movie, “Blood Diamond,” Jennifer Connelly looks stunningly beautiful. This Brooklyn native is a tall, gorgeous brunette with exotic, dark, thick brows and happens to have one of the best smiles I have ever seen.

The rest of the top 10 list is after the jump.

7. Kelly Monaco - Kelly, who comes from a big Italian Catholic family, describes herself as a born competitor. She is very athletic and because of this, working-out is a huge part of her daily life. She must drink a lot of water too because her complexion is always glowing. She never takes a bad photograph and she always has a smile on her face!

6. Courtney Cox - Let’s face it, Courtney is looking better than ever in 2006! I mean, have you seen the previews for Dirt? Like a fine wine, she has aged very well. The woman looks incredible in her 40’s! Courtney is in great shape and her make-up looks great whether she is glam or just hanging at the beach.

5. Rihanna – Rihanna has had a huge year with her debut album, making S.O.S. an anthem for many young women everywhere. Not to mention that at the beginning of the month she signed a contract with Cover Girl cosmetics–a pretty big endorsement of her physical beauty, if you ask me. Her deep-set eyes and intriguing smile make Rihanna one of the most beautiful women of 2006, in this blogger’s opinion.

4. Angelina Jolie – The woman is gorgeous, plain and simple. She is practically one of sexiest women on the planet. Those lips, those eyes and that body! Even after having Brad Pitt’s baby, she still looks as beautiful as ever. All you have to do is look at her ad campaign she did with St. Johns and you will see why she is number four on the list.

3. Jennifer Aniston - Despite the success of her movie “The Break-Up,” Jennifer Aniston unfortunately experienced a bit of art imitating life with her recent split from her boyfriend and co-star, Vince Vaughan. Single or not, Jennifer is in the best shape of her life, exuding a classic beauty radiating from her gorgeous eyes and hair color, which help her to look fabulous any time of day.

2. Eva Longoria - This woman has been all over 2006. Eva has a hit television show, has graced the cover of many magazines and is newly engaged. This strikingly beautiful Latina sports a gorgeous complexion that has helped make her one of the most gorgeous women of 2006. Eva goes out in a Juicy Couture jumpsuit with virtually no make-up and still looks hot!

1. Kate Beckinsale - Kate has been looking quite stunning this past year. Her appearance at the Click premiere could have been classified as her coming-out party. She has a great smile framed by a thick head of gorgeous brunette mane. Kate’s glowing complexion and high cheek bones both function to draw you into those big brown eyes of hers.