Beauty Buzz: Top Ten Hottest Guys of 2006

December 28th, 2006 // 27 Comments

Ladies now it’s your turn for some fun after hours of research leaving my personal opinions out (Tom Brady, Eric Bana, Christian Bale and Julian McMahon). I give you the list of the top ten hottest guys in the entertainment industry. I comprised the list of course based on looks, and most importantly buzz from the past year. This list is to be enjoyed with a nice glass of merlot or some Godiva chocolates.

10. Jude Law – Despite the trouble with the nanny and Sienna, Jude is one of the hottest guys in Hollywood. With his dirty blonde hair and gorgeous eyes, it’s no wonder women swoon for Jude. His success and playful nature in the film, “The Holiday,” made us forget his troubled love life and fall in love with him all over again.

9. Nick Lachey - To quote a classic pick-up line from a friend of mine, “he’s got a body like a sex fiend”. In a word, the man is fine. He has a great smile and arms and abs that basically make me want to lick them all night long. As if that weren’t enough, he describes himself as a true romantic at heart. What’s not to love?

8. John Legend - This Ohio-born singer songwriter has had quite an impressive year. With the recent success of his album, three Grammys and a memorable performance at the pre-game show at the Super Bowl in Detroit under his belt, I’d say he’s not doing too bad at all. His sexy voice, those beautiful eyes combined with a killer smile make it hard not to love John Legend.

7. Adrian Grenier - With another successful season of Entourage under his belt, and a supporting role in one of the year’s hottest films, it’s easy to see why Adrian is in demand. Along with being musically talented, he also cares about the environment too. He has the most beautiful blue-green eyes, a great smile and not to mention a fabulous head of hair that has the power to make any girl want to run their fingers through it!

The top six hottest guys of 2006 are after the jump.

6. Eric Dane - Two words – “Mc Steamy”, okay it’s really one word, but damn this man is fine! He has a great smile and an almost perfect profile, not to mention that he has a great six pack. I’ve heard women around the world shout, “Oh My God!” in unison when he walked out of the bathroom at the beginning of the Grey’s Anatomy this season, wearing nothing but a towel!

5. Hugh Jackman – As if being tall and Australian wasn’t enough to have Hugh make the list, the man is multi-talented to boot and that is hot. Hugh is having a great year as well, with the success from X-Men The Last Stand and The Fountain to his credit. He can wear his hair long or short and still look awesome, as long as he keeps sporting those perfectly-toned arms (see X-Men).

4. George Clooney - He is George Clooney. That’s all I feel I have to say.

3. Leonardo DiCaprio – Leo has deep set eyes and a perfect physique. He once said he takes his status as a sex symbol in stride and wants to be remembered for his work instead of being considered the hottie of the month. In his new movie, Blood Diamond, he looks better than ever and is also rocking a sexy accent. What girl can resist that?

2. Johnny Depp - With the multitude of success from the sequel to Pirates of the Caribbean and an Oscar nod to boot, Johnny clearly has staying power. His mysterious deep set eyes and his eccentric style make him one of Hollywood’s hottest leading men.

1. Matthew McConaughey – I saw Matthew at the Monday Night Football game between the Indianapolis Colts and the Cincinnati Bengals and he was looking fine. He was kinda scruffy, but he still looked hot! He has an incredibly sexy voice, is in great physical shape, with gorgeous blue eyes that are complimented by a sexy smile and lovely locks. He is a lover of animals and completely unconventional and that is what makes him this blogger’s number one pick.




    Where is Christian Bale, Ewan McGregor, Clive Owens, Gosling, Lewis, etc…etc…

  2. Ash

    John Legend, WTF?? What about Omar Epps? Gary Dourdan? Mos Def? Blair Underwood? Gary Dourdan? Oh wait, I said him already, YUM!!!

  3. Jeremy Piven

    Tha Adrian Grenier is one bad actor. Very very bad.

  4. C

    Wow no Brad Pitt????!??!

  5. S_M_G

    No Brad Pitt?!? Crazy, I tell ya! And Matthew: yuck and that’s all I’m gonna say…

  6. kirsten

    Totally lame list. I have no words for how bad the choice of Matthew Mc;lkdfkjhf is. Just ….crap.

  7. ashley

    hmmm no brad pitt? Yea I noticed you always give him Shit. You just don’t like him. But He is the HOTTEST.
    You have terrible taste in Men.
    Nick Lachey. fuck me.. wow. terrible

  8. dolorescraeg

    honestly i have never seen such pure beauty as the face of jude law. his smile, his eyes that can express such sweetness and then such sensuality. i think he should be number one. such a fine actor too.

  9. Tariq Muhammad White Guy

    Yeah!!! All White Guys!!!! Only White Guys are HOOOOTTTT!

  10. Amelia

    Matthew McConaughey…..What the?
    Who is this list for?
    Where is Daniel Craig and Christian Bale?
    You didn’t do enough researching obviously!

  11. Gloria Goodman

    Other than Clooney & Jude Law I don’t think much of your choices. Where’s hottie Mark Wahlberg? And Clive Owen?

  12. blondie

    mmmmm, christian bale…..he is my #1 choice

  13. jaka

    Matthew McConaughey is cute but he smokes too much weed. I saw him on Jim Kimmel Show and he looked scruffy like he unwashed mountain man. He rambles on but some stupid thing he invented. You don’t want to have his child.

  14. alicet

    Was this list from last year? Honestly I don’t see how many of these guys besides Clooney, DiCaprio and Depp could make this short list.

  15. JB FAN

    James Blake! Paul Walker, Gary Dourdan! The list needs vast improvement, easily achieved by replacing some of the choices with the aforementioned gods!

  16. JB FAN

    James Blake! Paul Walker, Gary Dourdan! The list needs vast improvement, easily achieved by replacing some of the choices with the aforementioned gods!

  17. bea

    Pleaseeeeeeeee, where is Ben Affleck? I don´t undestand nothing.

  18. Caroline

    Tariq Muhammad White Guy, John Legend’s not white, you idiot.

  19. thedivagirl

    Have you lost your mind, your eyesight or both? First Jennifer Anniston is No. 3 on the Hottest women of 2006 list and now Matthew McConaughey is No.1 on the Hottest Men. Not true. Not true, and that scruffy little thing from Devil Wears Prada is a joke–he makes me want to warm up a bottle. Please. Stop. The. Madness.

  20. CK

    Where’s Patrick Dempsey???

  21. kip perkins

    wow… just one african-american male and NO latinos or asians from an entire industry composed of beautiful looking people. amazing.

  22. flie

    what aout Patrick Mc Dreamy/Dempsey? isn;t he adorable?

  23. mamasboy

    brad pitt is sooooo overated. nick lachey? dude what the hell! and matthew as number one? thats ridiculous, and dont bag adrian, I love him p.s wheres wentworth miller?

  24. lalalalala

    nice choices! i actually dont agree with a lot of them but i felt as if someone should say you made good choice as everyone seems to be bagging you out:(

  25. junglegirljlt

    Woo Hoo! Matthew has been #1 with me since 1996!

  26. Yanksgal

    Matthew is cool. He is number one in my book. He is just so real. Brad Pitt please the man is so fake and his time is over. I loved that Johnny Dapp was on the list. But I think Clive Owen should be on that list too but outher than that good choices. Honorable men.

  27. ok, where in the world is orlando bloom? he is HOT!

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