Beauty Buzz: The Most Outrageously Expensive Beauty Products

So I was doing some online shopping the other day and I came across a few products that I thought were shockingly expensive! I thought for a minute that there was an extra digit in there or that my eyes were playing tricks on me! Well come to find out that these really are the prices and posing the question would you pay $400.00 for foundation? I don’t think even the A list in Hollywood would do that – oh wait I forgot someone probably gave it to them for free. Here are just a few of the most expensive beauty products that I found. I am sure that there are products out there that are more expensive and I just missed them!

Foundation – Cle De Peau Teint Naturel Poudre
Powdery Foundation SPF18 (Deluxe Metal Case and Refill ) – $400.00. Cle De Peau is a French company part of the Shiseido Company. The qualities that this particular foundation posses is that it gives the skin an absolutely flawless finish hindering dullness leaving the skin in smooth and perfect refinement.

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Christolle Limited Edition – $2,000.00 for 0.85 fl oz.
The Silver Rain collection by la prairie offers the rarest of roots, herbs and flowers obtained from some of the most mystical parts of the world brought together in a way never attempted before by perfumer’s art. The Silver Rain fragrance is extraordinarily seductive with a fascinating blend of extravagant essential oils. Included in the coffret is a certificate authenticating the piece is crystallized with Swarovski. This Limited edition collector’s piece that has been handcrafted with over 3,000 Swarovski crystals which is equivalent to over 50 hours of labor!

Lipstick and Mascara – The Socialite Collection $589.00

This collection was designed to represent a lifestyle and features the most supreme ingredients unlike any other mascara or lipstick on the market. The Socialite Collection is for women who feel they deserve the best and want to lavish themselves beauty and luxury. The product is offered through and is limited to the first 1700 clients. Here is what you get – A tube of H Couture beauty smudge proof/sensitive eye water based mascara. The mascara packaging has over 1,000 5ss hand set Swarovski crystals and 18k gold plated top. Authenticity card with a personal client ID number and complimentary concierge service – basically free lifetime mascara refills which is equivalent to 70 years and is transferable! Mascara lash guards for both eyes that prevent stray flecks of mascara from falling while applying. You will also receive one of H Couture’s lipstick colors that come in a beautiful Swarovski crystal and brushed platinum case, authenticity card, client ID number and lifetime refillable tubes! You will also receive a color catalog with all of the colors that H Couture offers as well.