Beauty Buzz: The Eyes Have It

Since the news that they have decided to cancel The OC on Fox, I have been wiping away the tears. Well, not really, but I will miss the show–damn reality TV! Truth be told, my eyes are a little puffy and look as if they could use a boost. Luckily, Kiehls has two great products for just such an occasion.

First up is the amazing Abyssine Eye Cream with Survival Molecules and Vitamin E. It’s a gentle formula that won’t sting. It lasts all day and can be worn under your makeup, plumping up those tiny little lines that appear around the eyes when the skin is too dry. The eye cream retails for $30 and is available at

The other eye product we liked is the Ultra Moisturizing Eye Stick, which is a moisturizing sunscreen product. This is perfect for a day of skiing, going to gym or the beach. It goes on easily and won’t pull at the skin. The stick contains squalane and Vitamin E derivative, a broad-spectrum sunscreen and Parsol 1789, which provides protection from UVA rays. This product can be worn under make up but I suggest using it for those non make-up days, as well. The moisturizing stick retails for $20 and is available at!