Beauty Buzz: The Devil Made Her Wear Positive Red 857

June 27th, 2006 // 6 Comments

Do you want the look of the devil? Well not really the devil himself with the horns and the trident. I mean the look of Anne Hathaway‘s character Andy in the movie ‘The Devil wears Prada’. According to, Andy was molded “from a mousy new employee at a fashion magazine into a chic New Yorker worthy of attending a Paris couture fashion show.” Simply by wearing red lipstick! It seems so simple, how does she get those smoldering sexy lips so red? Anne had some help from make up artist Nicki Ledermann; she is the genius behind her look in the film.

Nicki used Dior Addict Lipstick in Positive Red 857 on Anne’s lips, which retails for $23.50. The devil wears a competitor’s brand? For a look that was not overwhelming, Ledermann applied Benefit Benetint lip tint ($28) on Anne’s lips. She then dotted the Positive Red Dior Addict Lipstick only in the center of her lips, and then blended the two with her fingers. So ladies if you want the look of the devil this summer, head to the nearest Sephora counter and pick up your lipstick and tint combo today!

Written by Christy Pastore

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Megan

    So how much money is this web site making from the Devil Wears Prada promoters anyways? It must be a substantial amount to keep posting recycled stories, which are at least better than this blatant advertisement.

  2. KittyLiterati

    The red, while a lovely shade, seems to be overwhelming her face and making her look like she’s wearing wax lips. But that’s just what I see.

  3. cathy

    yes it is TOTALLY an ad! absurd.

  4. chiquita

    20 fucking 8 dollars?? you can’t get the sme look from Revlon for less than half that price, more proof that retailers are just using celebs to puch overrated products

  5. TJ

    Stop posting these, they are so fucking lame.

  6. Disgruntled

    This website has turned to shite. I notice Miu’s name is no longer associated with it and I can understand why. Bye bye.

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