Beauty Buzz: Tanning Time

The essential summer accessory has long been a nice maple brown sugar tan! This year is no exception especially with all the ways to attain that great golden tan for the summer. There are spray on tans, tanning beds and the sun itself to obtain the look that southern California has all year long. Since the 1920’s when Coco Chanel was spotted with best sun kissed tan you had ever seen from a cruise she took, having a nice glow to your skin became an instant must have. Unfortunately the UV rays from the sun speeds up the aging process and is a contributing factor to skin damage. Which leaves us all pondering the question: Do I tan or not? According to the answer is yes and you can do it safely! The key is knowing how much sun is too much sun and what the right SPF is for you.

UVA and UVB rays damage the DNA of our cells causing them to not function properly. UVA rays are the rays that you are exposed to at the tanning salon, and this the damage that happens below the skin surface. UVB rays are what we are exposed to which is the light that causes burning. SPF 15 is great for daily sun protection, however the paler your skin the more SPF you will need because their skin has such little defense. Clinique has a wonderful UV response with SPF 50 and they also make a facial version. Lying out for small amounts of time will allow you gradually build up to being able to be out longer and wearing sunscreen each time helps as well. Of course the fake tan is the best way to tan and it has come a long way from its days of orange color and streakiness. The products out now are also less messy and less time consuming. St. Tropez, Lancome, Johnson and Johnson and Estee Lauder have wonderful products on the market for the spray on tan. See what the best defense for your skin is and happy tanning! No one wants to look like Magda from the movie ‘There’s something about Mary’!

Written by Christy Pastore

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