Beauty Buzz: Paris Hilton’s ‘Just Me’

Have you ever wanted to smell like you just went to a swinger’s party mixed with vodka and that party was in the basement of a brothel in France? Wel,l if you are like most people, the answer is “hell no!” If you do like the smell of a cheap slut or maybe you are looking for a fragrance that will transform you into something you are not, try ‘Just Me’ by Paris Hilton. It’s a musky bled with a hint of truck stop hooker.

According to the hotel heiress’s new fragrance will turn you into “a wax caricature of yourself”. Apparently Paris showed up to her launch party at Le Cirque looking well shall we say not like Paris-clothed and classy looking. So this summer when you are the perfume counter and you are looking for a new summer fragrance shy away from ‘Just Paris.’ Trust me, you will thank me for it later.

Written by Christy Pastore