Beauty Buzz: No Skinny Models Please

I almost don’t believe this story, but its true. Numerous high fashion models were recently turned away from the Madrid fashion shows for being too thin. I know what you are thinking, too thin? How can this be? According to, the first ban on models that are overly thin is infuriating many modeling agencies. Madrid’s fashion week has turned away emaciated models after protests that young girls and women were trying to duplicate their rail-thin looks and developing eating disorders.

The Madrid show is using the BMI which is based on a person’s weight and height to measure the models. It has turned away 30 percent of women who took part in the previous event. Medics will be on hand at the September 18-22 show to make sure the models meet the exact requirements to participate in the event. The Madrid fashion shows are requiring models to have a BMI rating of around 18. That would exclude top Spanish model Esther Canadas, and supermodels like Kate Moss, based on unofficial records of their height and weight. I say if Madrid wants to support a healthy toned female model as opposed to a waif-like, frail rail whose only consumption of protein is the occasional bacon bit, I say bravo. Several modeling agencies are dismayed and absolutely devastated by the events in Madrid. Yeah, the only reason you are devastated is because your models aren’t working so you can’t bank any coin!

Written by Christy Pastore

Tags: Kate Moss, Models