Beauty Buzz: M-A-C Cosmetics Names Raquel Welch A Beauty Icon

M-A-C Cosmetics has named Raquel Welch as its fourth M-A-C Beauty Icon. Raquel helped design a new M-A-C color collection, which will be available this month online at and in M-A-C stores everywhere! Raquel is M-A-C’s fourth Beauty Icon and is overjoyed that she was asked to be their face for 2007!

The Raquel Welch Beauty Icon Collection is packaged in a fun tiger-print pattern. Jennifer Balbier, Senior Vice President of Product Development at M-A-C Cosmetics stated that Raquel’s Icon Collection “was created and designed around Raquel’s love for shading and her ability as a makeup artist.” Who better to represent a company than a woman with a real passion for makeup and diversity like Raquel? Ms.Welch is an international film star, whose exotic beauty makes her a perfect fit for the cosmetics company–she totally exemplifies the brand!

Raquel stated that she has been totally devoted to M-A-C products for over 20 years, and is excited to have been able to design a signature collection for M-A-C.

“When I started making movies, I was exposed to an entire arsenal of makeup techniques and discovered that in a world of beauty, cosmetics are an important fashion statement as well as a key element of personal style. What is ‘real’ style? I believe in the theory that a real style is being yourself, on purpose.”

If you can believe this, Raquel is 66 years old! I saw this recent photo of her, which prompted me to state that I hope I look that amazing when I am her age. She has aged with style and grace it’s completely astonishing!