Beauty Buzz: Is Miss USA: A Role Model For Drunken Coked Up Sluts?

December 21st, 2006 // 9 Comments

The controversy surrounding the allegations of Miss USA Tara Connor has made headlines all week. Many people have weighed in on the issue many celebrities, former Miss USA’s even people at offices around the country. Everyone seems to have an opinion and now its time for mine. When did we start becoming a society that says it’s okay to give second chances to those who blatantly fuck up their jobs? Miss USA is a role model and a public figure who promotes poise and purpose for women everywhere in this country.

I am pretty sure that Tara was given a very detailed job description for the position of Miss USA, and I am almost certain that no where in the contract did it say “Act like a drunken idiot and drug addict”. I don’t care what Miss USA does in her personal life, I am not one to judge but when you become a public figure you have to watch everything you do. I am not saying that there are not room for mistakes we all make them, but come on seriously Tara did you really think that it was okay to “get caught up in the whirlwind of big city life” and that all would be forgiven cause your little Miss Ellie Mae from Kentucky? Please grow up- not only did you get caught but you broke the law you were drinking underage and what does that say to young women who look up to you? You should be ashamed of yourself- this is where common sense comes into play and you my young friend.

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Now some may argue that we all break the law when we are young and drink underage, while that may be true to some extent what you do in the privacy of your own home is your business, but when you do it in public and you are a public figure it becomes a different issue. Some might ask why do we care so much about other people’s business and does it really matter? I think it definitely does we should not coddle this girl just because she made a mistake; you break the rules you pay the price. If I was not doing my job I am sure that I would be fired. With any job there are probably some verbal suggestions made about the performance of the job and if after that things do not change you are then fired. Vanessa Williams was stripped of her title because of nude art photos that she posed for long before she became Miss America. The photographer that took the pictures leaked them to Penthouse magazine after she was crowned Miss America, for a quick buck. Vanessa did not do the photos while she was Miss America it was before and she had no control over that situation they released them without her consent. Unfortunately she paid the ultimate price and stepped down as Miss America. Why was Vanessa not given a second chance?

So Tara Connor wipe your sad tears out of your eyes, you are probably going to become as famous as Vanessa Williams and have a huge career in acting. I have never seen such a performance since Sally Field in Steel Magnolias when her character was hysterically crying after Shelby’s funeral. I would play the violin for your but since you are from the hills of Kentucky I think the fiddle would be more appropriate.


  1. sec

    I’m tired of the “i’m just some naive hick from the sticks” B.S. As if in the middle of nowhere drinking like a fish and acting like a coke whore is considered a GOOD thing. No one argues that young people make mistakes. But when you sign a piece of paper which says you will be a role model in public [it's the ONE FRIGGIN DUTY OF THE JOB], you don’t have an excuse. they should’ve tossed her out.

  2. beauty queen with a clean nose

    This particular Miss USA is a disgrace and should have been let go. There so many, 49 to be exact, other beautiful pageant winners, who probably would have done a BETTER job than she at representing the USA than Cokehead Conner.

  3. Well, I could take her or leave her. As for what she did, yeah it was wrong but heck, I’ve made a few mistakes while on the job. I guess me and Miss USA are the only ones though!


  4. Amanda

    Everyone may mess up, but not everyone is given the cnage to be a Miss USA. Being Miss USA is a privledge, not a right. Tara is no expection. This just proves that the Miss USA Pagent is all about beauty and the way one looks in a swimsuit. She broke the United States law and pagent laws!

  5. Melanie

    yup, the reason why he gave her a “second chance” was so he would have a second chance for publicity to distract from the graveyard found where he was going to build a hotel in downtown NYC.

  6. Crista

    That’s a funny photo. I’d be making the same face if Trump was about to kiss me!

  7. Kate

    I totally agree. So many young girls watch these pageants (I know I did when I was younger) and they are also very aware of what is making national headlines. It is a disgrace that she was given a second chance. If she really wanted to act like a grown-up and take responsibilty for her actions, she should step down and hand the title over to the runner-up. Abusing alcohol is one thing but testing positive for cocaine is completely another. This situation has set a horrible example for young girls.

  8. She should have been fired on the spot and charged with underaged drinking. She is setting an extremely poor example for those young ladies who look up to her.

  9. kbbbb

    I completely agree. If you do not do your job, you often get fired, HELLO. There is always someone right behind you to take your place and I believe the runner up from CA is more than willing to replace this attention-seeking hooch. As well she should. So sad that she will probably have tell all book and Maxim cover and playboy cover and calender etc…..

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