Beauty Buzz: Glam Up Your Makeup For The Holidays

The holiday season brings about a ton of social situations–what with the shopping, parties and activities–you’re constantly surrounded by people! This holiday season, in anticipation of time with friends and family, use this as an opportunity to look your very best. However since this is such a busy time of the year, you might not have all time in the world to prep for your special gatherings, so here are a few simple make-up tips to update your look so that everyone thinks you spent hours getting ready to look gorgeous!

The base for our make-up is our skin during the winter months the air is dry so be sure to take care of your skin. Washing your face twice daily and applying a light moisturizer at night or underneath your makeup will help rejuvenate your complexion. Also avoid getting wrapped up in the holiday stress to avoid breakouts.

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The holidays are a time for excitement and color, so brighten up your complexion by switching from your traditional earth tones. For eye shadow, choose a chic cream or frosted color, consider combingin it with a darker blue or purple hue for a smoky effect and it will look great in pictures! Try a blue or purple mascara. Since these colors are considered trendier rather than traditional, the trick is not to over do it. Apply a coat of brown/black mascara followed by the color of your choice.

For your lips, I would choose a lip liner similar to the color of your lips or lipstick. To make your lips look fuller, add some lip gloss such as Lancôme’s juicy tubes, which come in a variety of neutral to dazzling colors.

For the finishing touch, add some color to your face to give it a holiday glow. After your foundation or pressed powder, dust some bronzing powder on your nose, cheeks and forehead. Carefully blend the make-up for a natural sun-kissed look! If you want, you can always add a shimmering lotion for some holiday sparkle and the light will reflect off your skin for a sexy and appealing touch.

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