Beauty Buzz: Getting Busted At The Airport

It’s bad enough that now we cannot carry on liquids such as shampoos, conditioners hair gels, toothpaste and all beauty essentials that we women love and need. The U.S. authorities are now banning all gel-enhanced bras on commercial air flights. According to the scientific advances in breast support tools are useless to women travelers. That also means no gel insets on bras or sports bras that have gel straps for comfort.

So does this mean all women will now be subject to a little slap and tickle while going through security checkpoints at the airports? The report does not give specifics on how this latest ban will be implemented. I want to know what airport security will do for breast cancer survivors that wear them to feel better about themselves and their appearance. What about women who have had mastectomy’s and wear them to give shape to their bust line. How will Pam Anderson and her other silicone sisters be able to fly the friendly skies? What is the world coming to when women cannot proudly wear their Victoria Secret bras and travel the world?

Written by Christy Pastore

Tags: Beauty, Travel