Beauty Buzz: Get Rid of That Ruddy Complexion

What exactly is a “ruddy complexion”? Plethora or a ruddy complexion is characteristic of PV and results from the marked increase in red blood cell production. There are few things that you can do for this type of imperfection. Dermatologists recommend that you use yellow- or green-tinted makeup to hide red highlights, without looking heavily made-up. The other option is to have some of the ruddiness and blood vessels lasered away. Current technology makes this rather simple, safe, and not too expensive (in the few-hundred-dollar range.) But, if you’re thinking low-tech, here are some options for you.

I found two products that came highly recommended. The first is LaurEss Mineral Enhancer Organza. LaurEss mineral enhancers can correct uneven tones, liven up a dull complexions, or counteract ruddiness. This product is a sheer yellow, light-as-air enhancer with a soft matte finish. It is available for $18.00 at

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The next product is NARS Balanced Foundation. Traditionally, most sufferers of PV will want to purchase the color Sahara, since that shade is specifically designed for medium tones with a ruddy complexion. For ultimate, skin-caring benefits, NARS foundations are developed with Panthenol and Vitamins A, D and E to moisturize and rejuvenate the texture and appearance of the skin, while providing incredible, lasting coverage. The NARS balanced foundation will help smooth fine lines and imperfections without ever appearing heavy on the skin. This product is available for $40.00 at

I hope that helps a little bit, however, before you try any of these products on your own, please talk to a dermatologist or a skincare professional. We all have different skin tones and body chemistry. What might be right for one person may not work for another. Thanks for your question!

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