Beauty Buzz: Britney Spears’ Fantasy

May 23rd, 2006 // 9 Comments

Britney Spears has been making quite a splash in tabloids recently with all the baby drama. From the infamous car seat incident to last weeks near tragic tripping incident while holding Sean Preston! It seems Britney can also make a splash in the business world too! Her line of perfumes Curious, Fantasy and In Control which are manufactured and marketed by Elizabeth Arden are flying off the shelves! According to Britney celebrated her recent success at the Hudson Hotel complete with an enormous cake in the shape of her Fantasy bottle, and no Britney Spears event would be complete without dancers! Several young dancers from the Broadway Dance Center competed in a dance off that was judged by Britney. Britney studied at the Broadway Dance Center before making it as a top selling recording artist.

Curious became the #1 launch in 2005 worldwide and the only new launch to make the top 20 list globally. In the United States alone Curious received a top 5 fragrance ranking among fragrances that were launched over the past decade. Since releasing Curious in 2004 over 10 million bottles of all three scents have been sold! Britney, since you are so wonderful at creating delightful scents for women, why don’t you develop something for hubby Kevin so that he smells great too! He looks like he needs to take a shower all the time.

Written by Christy Pastore

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. d.c.

    She didn’t need to make K-fed a fragrance.. Boric acid is available just about anywhere.

  2. doofus

    to any and all posters here…

    have any of you actually smelled any of her fragrances? I haven’t, and I’m wondering if they’re any good.

    most celeb fragrances remind me of the cologne section of 5 & dime stores…they usually smell pretty cheap. wondering if hers follows the trend…

  3. T.

    Doofus ~ Nope, haven’t smelled it, and I’m not going to. That shit could cure cancer, and I still wouldn’t buy it. I wouldn’t donate dime one to help fund the lifestyle those two assholes are revelling in.

  4. Small Fry

    I haven’t actually picked it up and smelled it, but as I was passing the Fantasy display in Macy’s the other day I did catch a faint whiff of Southern Comfort and Taco Bell.

  5. laura

    .. ok.. not a big fan of the perfume.. out of all the celebs perfume.. i perfer sara jessica parkers….
    Brittneys perfume… is trying to imitate paradise fantasy…. at least i think so…

    and christy i totally agree with her needing to make something for her hubby.. cause that boy seems to have no hygene!!!!

  6. Lizzy

    I haven’t bought any of her fragrances, but I did try the first two on (just for kicks) at the sample counter in the store.

    “Curious” is average, nothing stand-out, definitely not worth anyone’s money. It smells like every discount, knock-off perfume that you can find for $5 in a bargain store.

    “Fantasy” is way too strong for a fragrance. My friend said it smelled like burnt cupcakes, all I know is that I thought it was foul.

    I haven’t tried “In Control.”

    If these didn’t have Britney’s name on them, they wouldn’t have sold 10 bottles.

  7. KittyLiterati

    I know a girl who wears Curious and Fantasy like her life depends on it. I can only describe the scent by stealing from Janis in Mean Girls: baby prostitute.

  8. doofus

    thanks to all who responded to my question.

    kitty…”baby prostitute”…good one! I think I’ll have to rent “mean girls”…

    lizzie, based on what you said, I guess my assumption is correct.

    small fry…sounds like my freshman dorm! and right up K-fed’s alley…she probably uses it to lure him in when she’s lonely.

    and T, I’m with you. I will NEVER give her a dime of my money!

  9. las

    It’s Britney. Of COURSE it smells cheap.

    I guess she is taking the route of entertainment giants (Liz Taylor) who got married a lot and lost their careers. PERFUME. If only our glimpses of Britney were restricted to commercials!

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