Beauty Buzz: Bath Time Is Your Escape Time

With our daily lives turned upside down, going from place to place and working long hours, is there ever any time leftover to relax? The answer is YES!! Use your bath as a place to relax and unwind from your everyday hassles. Here are a few delightful tub treats that will help you to melt away the stress.

Nothing makes a nice bath more enjoyable than the beautiful aroma of a soothing scented candle. Chesapeake Bay Candle has a wonderful selection of fragrances. Try Tahitian Rain! Citrus peels, jasmine and fig leaves drenched in dew make this floral scent a favorite for a relaxing bath.

L’occitane Crushed-Grape Polish is a stimulating detoxifying body scrub. Fine particles of grape seed and walnut shell provide a natural exfoiliant for your skin, and grape seed oil helps to nourish the skin. Both of these ingredients work to gently slough away dead cells and increase microcirculation, leaving your skin more soft and radiant than when you first started.

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Bliss has an amazing seaweed bar soap called Serious Seaweed Cellulite Soap . It not only cleanses your skin, but claims to help slim, tone, and fight cellulite. This seaweed and sweet almond oil soap is full of invigorating granules and massage bumps to help get under the skin lessen cellulite.

Nothing beats bath bubbles and bath oils for extra moisture. Milk Formula f21c Bath Foam by Fresh is rich in vitamins A, D, E, and lactic acid, which possess beneficial hydrating qualities to increase your skin’s ability to retain moisture. Not to mention the benefits of shea butter and glycerin, which also help to provide extra moisture and healing for your dry skin.

Any one of these products will help you enjoy a relaxing comfortable bath!