Beauty Buzz: A Whiter Brighter Smile

If you drink coffee or smoke, you may find that your teeth have been stained over the years. Is there an alternative to having a whiter, brighter smile without the expense of bleaching? The answer seems to be a resounding yes! Here are a few products on the market that may not have the total effects of bleaching, but have proven to visibly reduce and lessen stains

Here are a few products that I suggest for helping to eliminate stains and bad breath.


Colgate Total Plus Whitening has a blend of triclosan for gingivitis protection, as well as fluoride for cavity protection. It has a breakthrough cleaning element to whiten your teeth by gently removing surface stains. As soon as you finish brushing, bacteria start to build on your teeth and cause cavities, gingivitis, halitosis, tarter and plaque.

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Rembrandt Premium Whitening Toothpaste with Fluoride removes coffee and smoking stains and is the only toothpaste containing the active ingredient Citroxain to whiten teeth beyond surface stains. Citroxin formula will not scratch the enamel of your teeth or erode the gumline, so it’s totally safe. Another benefit of this toothpaste is that it contains Alumsil, which is a stain-fighting formula that removes deep stains from coffee, wine and smoking. Formulated with calcium, fluoride and vitamin E, this product helps to strengthen teeth as well as remove the bacteria that causes bad breath.


Crest Whitestrips are clinically proven to remove up to 14 years of stain build-up in as few as seven days! Use twice a day for 30 minutes on natural teeth to reveal a whiter smile in just a week. However, the strips will not whiten caps, crowns, veneers, fillings or dentures. The strips are available at for only $29.99!

Mouth Wash:

Rembrandt Premium Mouth Rinse Stain Therapy removes deep stains caused by coffee, red wine and smoking. This product will also freshen your breath and is specifically formulated with alcohol and sugar-free stain therapy Amysil, which is the active ingredient used to eliminate the stains. This product is also available at for $6.29.