Beauty Overload: Olivia Palermo & Johannes Huebl Are Seriously The Most Beautiful Couple In Existence

Olivia Palermo's Bikini Bod
Olivia & Johannes Huebl enjoyed some beach PDA.
Do you need to stare at something beautiful for a few minutes? Of course you do. Then look no further than Olivia Palermo and her boyfriend Johannes Huebl. Honestly, how are two people so perfect?

The incredibly lovely couple was spotted in New York City earlier today enjoying a summer walk. I like that this is just what they wear during a normal outing. It’s almost as good as Olivia’s red carpet looks.

Now I think that it’s very important for us to take a moment and appreciate that Johannes exists. 

Are you appreciating? Look at those perfectly chiseled features, the height, the sheer male perfection. Oh, and this is what his body looks like under his shirt. I can’t with these two, I just can’t.

See if you can handle the beauty by checking out all the photos of Olivia and Johannes in the gallery.