Be Still My Heart: Scott Speedman’s Sexy Bedhead [PHOTOS]

November 14th, 2011 // 1 Comment

Oh, yummers.  Look at that head of hair on Scott Speedman.  It’s so Jeremiah Brent/Edward Cullen-ish.  I want to run my fingers through it and then kiss his face.  Speedman picked up some goods at Light Bulbs Unlimited in West Hollywood yesterday (November 13th).

Speedman stars next in the latest installment of the Underworld series alongside Kate Beckinsale, opening January 20th. Underworld Awakening, hurrah!

PHOTOS: Scott Speedman Films Barney’s Version

Speedman’s girlfriend, Teresa Palmer, told Ausiue mag, Who Weekly that her boo is the one person in the world who turns her on  “My boyfriend [US actor Scott Speedman] absolutely hands down. I believe him to be the sexiest person I’ve ever seen!”

By Kelly Lynch

  1. Zyei

    WHO Weekly doesn’t know that Speedman is Canadian? Born in UK and a Canadian citizen. Not U.S. I hope his gf knows. lol.

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