Bathazar Getty To Be Written Off ‘Brothers & Sisters’

December 29th, 2008 // 3 Comments

This news is really no surprise at all. According to E! Online, discussions have begun between Getty and producers on how best to ease Bathazar Getty out of the show. “He’s leaving the show,” a source told me [Marc Malkin] , adding that they’ve already ruled out killing him off.

The actor is constantly pissing off his Brothers & Sisters co-stars. The actor frequently shows up late on set and often in a “difficult” mood, forgetting his lines and upsetting one co-star to the point of tears. “No one on set is a fan.”

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Mowgli

    wow that whole Sienna scandal really ruined his reputation… hers too..

  2. somethings gotta give

    Sienna rep has been bad for a while now. she dumped Matthew whats hisname that she was living with in London for this married man. (money, Money Money..he is a getty after all she was aiming high)

    His wife found out while vacationing with his family..

    His wife is very well liked in hollywood and she is very well liked by his family.

    Shes not going to give sienna the satifaction of getting her man that easy…
    Sienna is paying the price and Baltazar is paying for being unfaithful and not being discreet.

    Can you imagine what that must have looked like having his family pick up magazines with pics of him grabbing a topless Sienna and pics of her groping him all over the place.

  3. wes

    even his character seems like an ass.
    no tears shed here.
    i am sooo hoping they bring scott porter on!!
    that would be just super. lol

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