Barry Manilow Gives Elisabeth Hasselbeck the Proverbial Finger

September 17th, 2007 // 40 Comments

A scheduled interview with Barry Manilow on “The View” has been scrapped because apparently, Barry’s not a fanilow of conservative Elisabeth Hasselbeck. And no, this isn’t a rumor, because Barry went ahead and made a statement released to E! News, in order to make sure it was perfectly clear why he’d nixed his appearance.

“I wanted to let you know that I will no longer be on The View tomorrow as scheduled. I had made a request that I be interviewed by Joy, Barbara or Whoopi but not Elisabeth Hasselback. Unfortunately, the show was not willing to accommodate this simple request, so I bowed out.”

Ha! I’m sorry, but that’s really quite awesome. Who knew Barry had such a pair on him? You gotta love a diva.


By Lisa Timmons

  1. Clementines


    Judge Sentences Noise Offenders to Mandatory Manilow Music…

  2. Kutch

    Amazing! Please support Barry, my new idol, on this poll (he’s losing to Elisabeth right now):

  3. peach

    What a fool??? I don’t agree with Lizzie either – but who does he think he is to make a damand like that?? A superstar?? I don’t think so.

    We do have free speech in this country – even if what you are saying is stupid (Barry and Lizzie).

  4. J

    That is immature on his part. Why not go on and disagree with her, if it becomes political? I can’t stand her but his demands don’t really prove anything.

  5. Oh this is fun! I make the same request when attending church. I only want certain priest question my sexuality! Plus, the man is 64 and has had major hip surgery. Good for you Barry!! I am pro anything anti-Elisabeth. Call me a Fanilow if you must, I don’t care.

  6. ohyea??

    Does this guy understand that part of his fan base are conservatives?? Talk about cutting off your nose to spite your face.

    Well he has lost a long-time fan in me.

  7. nastybugger

    well, it’s done something that he probably was looking for, and that’s more publicity for himself and whatever he was promoting.

    a couple of SNL cast members refused to appear when they had Dice Clay hosting (90 or 91), and it got lots of publicity, but didn’t accomplish very much.

  8. Dana

    What is it that Elizabeth believes that Manilow finds so offensive?

    It’s interesting that Rosie can imply that our troops are terrorists and that our own govt was behind the attacks of 9/11 and that’s no biggie…

    Hasslebeck supports war in Iraq and SHE’S offensive…

    What a world…

  9. Ugh

    Well there ya have it, he’s a little girl. What a jerk and completely unprofessional of him. More people should back our troops like Elizabeth does instead of agreeing with the scum that is Rosie.

  10. Dana

    I happen to think there are good people on both sides of the issue.

    Good people can disagree with other good people. That’s what “tolerance” is about. It’s not about demanding that everyone think as you think.

    I wonder how many of the technicians and staffers behind the scenes think as Hasslebeck does. I wonder if Manilow is screening them for their political views.

  11. nastybugger

    ugh, one can support the troops but not the war they’re fighting.

    to put it more simply, so that you may understand, people can disagree with hasselbeck and NOT agree with Rosie, and vice versa. it’s not a black and white issue…there’s a LOT of gray there…

  12. PotatoHead

    I used to think Barry was washed up, but now I’m loving him again. Bless ya, big Barry.

    I freaking hate Elisabeth Hasselbeck. Talk about a naggy prissy spoiled little twit. I wish she had been eaten by wildebeasts when she was on Survivor.

  13. Persistent Cat

    Peach, the issue isn’t over free speach.

    What’s really awful is his mangled face. Wow, plastic surgery is so worth it when you can look that good.

  14. Sarah


  15. Boo Radley

    I’m loving Barry’s comment. I think she is too conservative, too abrupt, she just rubs me the wrong way. And what is with ABC and their immaturity? The guy is a legend. I don’t even listen to his music and I know who he is. They should have respected his wishes.

  16. informed nica

    How many times are conservative leaning people interviewed by liberals for television, radio, newspapers, magazines, etc..? I’ve never heard of one asking to only speak to people who happen to agree with them. As a conservative latina woman, it’s been my experience that censorship is the new weapon of the left. I see it on the tv news shows, radio news, movies (wait til you see all the anti-war movies coming out in the next few months), and all other sorts of entertainment. I agree with those of you who say we should be able to dialog with those who don’t agree with. But that’s not enough. An opposing voice is necessary in a democracy. I worry for my children and those who will come after them if that they will soon live in a society that does not accept but one thought – the liberal one. Those who don’t agree are depicted as evil. As a caring and giving ultra conservative thinker, I worry for my own well-being in the future. This is getting not just sad, but scary for conservatives.

  17. Mrs. Lova Lova

    WTF Dana? Rosie didn’t imply that the troops are terrorists? What is with you Bush Bitches. Get it straight: WE SUPPORT THE TROOPS, WE DON’T SUPPORT UNNECESSARY AND USELESS VIOLENCE. How long has this war been going on and what the fuck has it accomplished? Absoultely nothing.And yea the government is responsible for alot of things people like you continue to perpetuate because of your unwillingness to question completely out of order authority. Enough is enough. His office is a trainwreck, new leadership is badly needed.

  18. jim

    Barry is more of a woman than a woman! Who actually believes that he is any type of political force with a opinion to be reckoned with. Most people think the old queen has been dead for years, well at least the face looks like it’s been dead for years!

  19. Shelly

    Liz used to work for Puma and they are a nazi based co.Nazis killed GLBT people as well as Jews so you could say he has 2 or 3 valid reasons to go near that bitch.
    Fag Hags for Barry!!!

  20. Monica

    What a bunch of jr high school shit! Wha, wha, wha- I don’t like her so I’m not coming on the show.

    Well, Barry, I don’t like HER OR YOU and I’m boycotting both of you- have been for years actually. I hope your shitty mediocre record tanks as much as your shitty plastic surgeon did. I am not a fan of Elizabeth by a long shot but at least she doesn’t pull that queeny diva bullshit when she doesn’t like a guest. Be a goddamned adult and deal with people you don’t like cordially like the ‘little people’ have to do every day of our lives.

  21. An

    Part of me wants to say ‘Barry, you are f-ing awesome’. The other part wants to say ‘get over yourself’. It isn’t as if stupidity is contagious and it wasn’t as if HB would try some type of on-screen political conversion. I mean, he could’ve just ignored her, but no team-based TV show is going to deliberately allow a guest to ignore one of their hosts. That really wasn’t a ‘simple’ request, so much as dickhead one -

    Oh and uninformed nica, Um, ‘censorship is the new power of the left’. No, I still think that belongs to Bush who won’t allow photos of the damage in Iraq or Katrina, things we never disallowed before. That’s more or less self-deflection, ‘if we say the left censors us we can prevent them from disagreeing’. Seriously, when have any ‘left-leaning’ journalists done what Chris Matthews or others have done? How many journalists or musicians who have spoken out against Bush have received the oust? How many people who posted blogs questioning the war or making anti-bush statements were locked up? How many celebrities who have spoken against the war on TV were accidentally ‘cut off’ by the censors? Did that ever happen in the Clinton administration? No left-leaning journalist will directly critique Bush or the war on-screen because it’s a death wish. Hell, even the democratic presidential candidates are afraid of directly criticizing the war and Bush for fear of a backlash.

  22. T-Bone

    Barry needs this publicity to sell records, and that’s why he did this. Good for the show for not bowing down to Barry Manilow’s request. Whether you like Elizabeth or not, when you get invited on a show, you don’t get to call the shots.

  23. Dana

    Mrs Lova Lova,

    I’m not here to advocate a political point of vieiw. Good people can disagree. Good people can take their opinions into the voting booth and vote their conscience.

    We don’t feel the same way about things, but I don’t find your views “offensive” or “dangerous”. Misguided and wrong, perhaps, but I could still sit down with you, shoot the breeze, and enjoy myself.

    Barry needs to lose the drama queen personae. It too small and restrictive a fit for anyone older than 30.

  24. NJ

    Wow. How tolerant of you, Barry.

    And, Shelly, Karl Lagerfeld made the Nazi’s uniforms.

    Just a little nugget of trivia for ya, there.

  25. nastybugger

    if barry wanted to snub hasselbeck, he could have done what Kathy Griffin did…just greet the other guest warmly and walk right past her. but either way, it IS quite silly.

    to NJ…where did you get the info about lagerfeld? did you know he was born in 1933? so he was designing for the Nazis at age 5? ya sure about that?

  26. LoRider

    Elizabeth has already kicked Rosie’s fat ass, so Manilow should be a walk in the park! What a phucking pussy this Manilow is. I guess we know which side of the fight he was on in “Copa Cabana”:

    His name was Lola!

    Drinking himself half blind. He lost his youth and he lost his fans, now he LOST … HIS … MIND!

    Ride Lo

  27. T-Bone

    LoRider –
    you make me laugh, AND I agree with 99.9% of what you say ;)

  28. jucvn

    for someone to post on here that president bush will not allow photographs of iraq and of new orleans to be taken and released to the public, is all the comments i need to read to see just how incredibly stupid and completely uninformed and blinded some bush haters have become. there’s alot of legitimate things to be concerned with in this world without just out and out making crap up! did you try to go take a picture in new orleans and were turned away? do you know someone, perhaps a close friend or family member, who was arrested for trying to “smuggle” photos out of the middle east? more than likely you simply overheard this somewhere, or thought you heard it, and since it fits your anti-bush, conservative-hatred views, took it as fact, and now go around spouting off about it like it’s a U.S. secret government policy and you have “uncovered the truth”. i don’t hope to open the idiotic commenters eyes with this comment, but maybe someone with some intelligence will be able to see through all the b.s. hating going on in this country.

    and manilow must be practicing some of that good ole tolerence he and his liberal buddies are always going on about! the only people left in this country that it’s ok to openly discriminate against are conservatives and smokers!

  29. nastybugger

    FYI, what bush won’t allow photographs of is the coffins coming back from Iraq.

    I never heard of him not allowing pics of the Katrina devastation or pics from Iraq.

  30. B

    It’s a military services policy…and they’ve been doing it since before Bush 43 came into office.

    I find it funny that Barry can’t handle some bottle blond bimbo. It’s a big world Barry – hopefully nobody else disagrees with your personal viewpoints. It could get difficult.

  31. NJ

    Sorry… sorry.

    Hugo Boss.

    I don’t know where my head was earlier.

  32. LoRider

    “An”, you are a flaming idiot! The mainstream media has MADE A FREAKING LIVING off of disagreeing with W “head on” about just about everything he has done! Check out Big Fatass Useless Lou Dobbs on CNN some night. That pompous fatass can barely contain himself whenever he has to talk about the president. The thing about the left is this – they proclaim they are the last bastion of tolerance and inclusion and then they try squashing every last bit of opposition and continuing the oppression of the black man by telling him that he can only succeed with magnanimous Whitey”s help in the form of quotas and affirmative action.

    Open a friggin magazine or watch something other than PBS for crying out loud.

    Ride Lo

  33. giggly girl

    I like Elisabeth. She reminds me of a time when the world was better than it is today. She has morals. She believes in protecting our children. She wants to protect the sanctity of marriage. She hates cheating spouses. I don’t care if my views don’t always match hers. I think she’s a lovely young woman. I would trust her because she is so straight and dedicated to what she believes in.

    Btw, think Rosie is alright too.

  34. D Rogers

    First of all, it is not Bush that will not allow the photos of the Caskets coming back from Iraq. That policy was started during the Clinton administration. Bush just gets blamed for it. You know I am a republican but I do not agree with all of Bush’s policies. And I am a military spouse, with a husband on his 3rd tour in Iraq. The photos we never see on the news are the ones depicting all the wonderful things the military are accomplishing. One of the military liasons asked some reporters when she was escorting new troops home, why the don’t ever report the good we are doing. The reporters replied that they write the stories but the Heads of the network do not post them.

  35. joe

    another left wing idiot who only wants free speech when it suits him. If you your not liberal you do not have aright to say what you think in this country?

  36. angel23

    Elisabeth Hasselbeck is a total idiot she is nothing more then a trophy wife she has her little faily and her football husand and has no idea the struggles must women in american go through i cannot stand her stand her annoying voice or her stuip rambling ideas i say right on barry dont listen to her beer drinking 4 wheel loving lets go out and kill something republican views.

  37. angel23

    Elisabeth Hasselbeck is a total idiot she is nothing more then a trophy wife she has her little faily and her football husand and has no idea the struggles must women in american go through i cannot stand her stand her annoying voice or her stuip rambling ideas i say right on barry dont listen to her beer drinking 4 wheel loving lets go out and kill something republican views.

  38. angel52381

    Elisabeth Hasselbeck has no idea what she is talking about she trys to act like she knows every thing about being a women in america she is nothing more then a trophy wife she has her little family and her football player husband and doest know the struggles that must american women go through. i think she makes the view super annoying and i cant stand to listen to her voice must less whats coming out of her stupid mouth i say right on barry say no to that big mouth and her beer drinking 4 wheel loving lets go shot something republican views she has

  39. angel52381

    p.s opps this comment thing doest work very good

  40. Anti Elizabeth Hasselbeck

    Oh my word, where do I start with the “CAGNA” ?????? (E.H.) She is so much on her moral high ground, she’s little miss perfect, she’s can’t admitt when she is wrong!!! She’s the biggest Bush A** kisser, it’s pathetic! And ugly! How much foundation and crap does she put on her face, it horrible! And her big, ugly nose, disgusting! How the hell does Tim stay with her? I feel so sorry for him having to put up with her EVERYDAY, and wake up to her face, he’ll eventually cheat on her, just watch!

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