Barry Manilow’s Looking A Bit Waxy These Days [PHOTOS]

June 23rd, 2011 // 3 Comments

God bless Barry Manilow, for he writes the songs that make the whole world sing.  If it weren’t for my mother, I’d barely recognize the man above these days.

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Still, we can’t get lippy at the guy responsible for Can’t Hardly Wait‘s pivotal plotline.  He wore his best blue leather jacket to greet fans at Dress Circle in London today for an autograph signing.  Manilow’s latest album, 15 minutes is out, and you bet your ass I’m going to borrow my mom’s copy for easy listening.

By Kelly Lynch

  1. Barry Manilow Personal Appearance Dress Circle Copies Album 15 Minutes
    Helen Holdun
    Commented on this photo:

    Ya got to love pseudo journalists who mindlessly go for sensationalism as an easy way to get a read. Nice of you to hit Barry Manilow with a low blow, instead of commenting that the album he’s promoting is soaring up the charts #7 on Billboard, #2 on Indie!

    Have to say, if that’s waxy, every body on earth should be waxy! Hope you look as good at 68 years old, after an international media blitz that would topple a lesser person.

    Say what you will, Barry Manilow is the consummate gentleman, musician and entertainer. He’s stayed the test of time and continues to soar, has millions of fans all over the world in spite of what nay-sayers, such as yourself, like to say!

    Bravo and congratulations Barry!

  2. janet fauret

    You’re in for a shock if you think Ffteen minutes is easy listening! It’s a great concept album about the perils of fame and Barry has struck out in a new style.
    How about listening to the album and saying something about it rather than pointless comments about what he looks like? ( and he looks great by the way, your photo doesn’t do him justice but no doubt that’s intentional)

  3. Cheryll hammett

    I had an amazing day yesterday at the Dress Circle. I have been a fan for almost 31 years now. And yesterday i had the joy of meeting him again. It was a wonderful atmosphere. I brought my 11 month old daughter who has Downs Syndrome with me. It was a seven hour overnight train journey each way for us. Other fans offered to help me if I needed it and once inside everyone was great and Barry spoke to her. She is a year old on Tuesday and although she will not remember it, I feel I gave her the best present ever yesterday.
    London, my daughter and meeting Barry. Days don’t get much better than that.
    Thank you Barry.

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