Barron William Trump

March 21st, 2006 // 17 Comments

Why not just name the child Bling Trump? Barron William Trump? Jesus.

Donald Trump and wife Melania may have welcomed a son on Monday – Barron William Trump, 8 1/2 lbs. – but the new father will be back to work on his The Apprentice on Friday, when he oversees auditions for his NBC reality program’s next season.

Meanwhile, Trump can obviously multitask. Just hours after his son was born early Monday morning, the new dad was announcing the birth on MSNBC’s Imus in the Morning. “I continue to stay young, right? I produce children, I stay young,” he said during the telephone interview. Trump already has four children by his two former wives, Ivana and Marla.

On Monday Trump told PEOPLE he’s thrilled about becoming a father again. “It’s a beautiful baby and she’s a beautiful mother.” Of his wife Melania, Trump said, “I just think she’s looking forward to being a great mother. I have no doubt how good she will be.”

Of course Donald will be back at work, the man lives for his work. Plus, it isn’t like he had the baby himself. We love the fact that Donald has all the confidence in the world about the mothering abilities of his wife, and needs to comment on them. He’s not going to go and say something like, let’s just hope she doesn’t accidently kill the child.

On a total side note, does anyone still watch The Apprentice? If so, could some one please tell me when Brent went way, Way, WAY, WAY over the line?

(Source: People)

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Anna

    And it’s Barron William. Interesting when you realize that he will be alive (and likely prominent) when William is King of England…King William meet Barron Trump.

  2. susiegrl

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! That was great!
    Really, why not name him,
    “My-Momma’s-Set-For-Life-Now-That-She’s-Popped -Out-Her-Jillion-Dollar-Divorce Settlement/Trust-Fund-Child” Trump.

  3. tia

    I dont watch the apprentice Miu so I wish I could tell you when Brent went way way way over the line. I do watch Greys Anatomy if you want to know about that :) LOL @ susiegirl

  4. Cheesy

    Donald, being able to produce sperm and impregnate a woman isn’t an indication of staying young–hell, Charlie Chaplin spawned into his 70s!

    Accept that you’re getting older, and you are trying to stay young by getting younger wives.

    And for God’s sake, DO SOMETHING ABOUT THAT HAIR before the image is burned into little Barron’s retinas for all time.

  5. lisa

    You know, I just could not see Donald Trump spending the night with the new mom and baby in the labor and delivery room.

    Maybe it’s just his public persona, but I can’t see him taking time off to bond with the new baby.

  6. Shaffer

    I can’t believe nobody, including the media hasn’t picked up on the hilarious fact that Trump named his kid after the great William Barron Hilton, the second son of Conrad Hilton.(Yes, these two created all the wealth for the “Hilton Family”)

    I recently read Trumps first book “The Art of The Deal” and two of Trumps idles is Conrad and Barron Hilton.

  7. doofus

    I believe the point that Trump was referring to when he said that Brent (good riddance, I hated that guy!) went WAY over the line was when Brent had said the team leader (can’t remember her name) this week “stank”, and that he could “smell the stench over here”, or something like that.

    as trump also said, she most certainly DIDN’T stink…there were some things they should have done differently, but she definitely didn’t stink. trump thought that word was just WAY too strong for how the woman performed as team leader.

  8. Girly Girl

    My fantasy of how The Donald spent The Barron’s birthday? Home, toupee off, chillin, drinking some PBR, maybe watching Dukes of Hazzard reruns on CMT, waiting for his assistant to call from the hospital saying that his glamazon of a wife had delivered the latest fruit of his loins, and she was now in plastic surgery getting all of the baby fat sucked out of her and stretch marks removed in time for him to geta little some-some by bikini season (until then he’s always got Ivanka).

    Happy fu$kin birthday, newest Trust Fund Baby.

  9. Small Fry

    HA HA HA, that was awesome Girly Girl. I couldn’t agree more.

  10. 2 Old 4 This

    Susiegirl you are dead on balls accurate!

    The Donald doesn’t “do” women once they’ve given birth. He pays them off and moves on to a younger model.
    Madonna/Whore complex?
    I give Melania 2 more years in Trump Tower before she gets the heave ho… pun intended

  11. Jim

    Well, at least the Donald isn’t as high-WASP-wannabe as the Hiltons of Paris and Nicky fame.

    Rick and Kathy named their youngest son Barron Nicholas Hilton. Barron is actually a common Scotch-Irish name and it wouldn’t surprise me if Donald had a Barron in his background. Keep in mind: Barron does NOT mean baron.

    Barron Trump sounds nice. Points to him! Although, I still wish Donnie was with Ivana…

  12. las

    That is the WASPiest name I have EVER heard. I bet he chose it.

    Hey, The Donald, be aware that James Doohan managed to produce a kid at age 80. Men’s fertility may drop with age, but it sticks around in lessened form for quite some time. It does NOT make you young.

    lisa: Somehow I cannot see it either. Which would have most women homicidally enraged, but Melania obviously knows what side her bread is buttered on. Wonder what “younger model” the Donald will chase next — Kristin Cavallari?

  13. las: The Donald’s next wife probably isn’t out of kindergarten yet…

  14. kevin

    BRENT from the APPRENTICE didn’t get a fair shake. If anyone remembers he was the one that was always trying to give ideas and offer to step up for tasks.He was the only interesting one on the team. That BITCH who was team leader on episode#5 just had it in for Brent from the beginning. She is an oppressed bore who didn’t like the way Brent looked. The lesson I got out of this is if you aren’t good looking it dosen’t matter how creative you are.

  15. Lauren

    I agree with Kevin above. Brent got a raw deal. I am an Apprentice fan (love the show) but as people get fired, I have my opinions but don’t really care, But…when Trump fired Brent it brought me to tears. Brent tried so hard, but the team leader from episode 5 launched a campain to get rid of Brent. She stated she didn’t like the way he looked. The way trump fired him was just plain mean.

  16. Kristen


  17. Gerard Rotonda

    Your children are your signature on life. Enjoy the Cuban cigars.

    Gerard Rotonda

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