Bare-bottomed Butlers Offer To Host Party Kim Kardashian Engagement Party [PHOTOS]

Well this sounds like an offer that the newly engaged Kim Kardashian can’t pass up!

Butlers in the Buff, Florida’s cheeky new British import, is extending an offer to Kim Kardashian to host her first girl’s night out engagement celebration. The service features charming 21 to 35 year-old men to facilitate parties clad in little more than bottom-revealing aprons.

The Butlers in the Buff do keep things classy. They are trained hospitality experts who adhere to grooming and etiquette guidelines that includes a firm ‘look but don’t touch’ policy.

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Already a sensation in the Great Britain, the company was started by British-born Alexandra Jones, a Florida mom with two young children who wanted to spice up a party, but did not want to use strippers.

“When we heard the wonderful news of Kim Kardashian’s engagement, we knew that Butler’s in the Buff would be the perfect accessory to help Kim celebrate her joyous news with her family and friends,” said Jones. “Just like Kim’s 20 carat engagement ring, an event with the Butlers will surely be brilliant.”

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