Barbwa Says Sowwy…Sort Of

Rosie O’Donnell lashing out at Donald Trump on has Barbara Walters doing damage control duty, but still maintaining her loyalty to her controversial co-host on “The View.” From TMZ:

In what essentially amounts to a retraction, Barbara Walters said that ABC asked her to read a statement on today’s episode of “The View” saying that Donald Trump never filed for personal bankruptcy — something O’Donnell alleged during one of her rants against the combed-over billionaire. Babwa added that Rosie O’Donnell isn’t going anywhere.

My biggest resolution for 2007 is to see if I can’t figure out a way to get Rosie pissed off with me. I’d like to think that my simply being a bitch would be enough, but the sad truth is that I might have to be a bit flashier than to garner the kind of angry lesbian attention I’m looking to get. I guess I could go punch some gay babies.

Barbara Retracts; Sides With Rosie Over Trump [TMZ]