Barbwa Says Sowwy…Sort Of

January 3rd, 2007 // 5 Comments

Rosie O’Donnell lashing out at Donald Trump on has Barbara Walters doing damage control duty, but still maintaining her loyalty to her controversial co-host on “The View.” From TMZ:

In what essentially amounts to a retraction, Barbara Walters said that ABC asked her to read a statement on today’s episode of “The View” saying that Donald Trump never filed for personal bankruptcy — something O’Donnell alleged during one of her rants against the combed-over billionaire. Babwa added that Rosie O’Donnell isn’t going anywhere.

My biggest resolution for 2007 is to see if I can’t figure out a way to get Rosie pissed off with me. I’d like to think that my simply being a bitch would be enough, but the sad truth is that I might have to be a bit flashier than to garner the kind of angry lesbian attention I’m looking to get. I guess I could go punch some gay babies.

Barbara Retracts; Sides With Rosie Over Trump [TMZ]

By Lisa Timmons

  1. jay1111

    “angry lesbian attention”?
    sigh. welcome to 2007, gays!

  2. Tonysgirl

    Of course Barbara is going to stand by Rosie!! after all she is the one that chose Rosie,right??

    what a whacky whacky world we live in, heh.

    Happy 2007

  3. Deb B

    Babara did qualify the retraction a bit by saying that although Trump has not filed for personal bankrupcy, several of the business he’s been in charge of have.

  4. sandy

    I’m still flabbergaster why anyone even cares? Rosie is an obnoxious bulldyke. Trump is an impotent has-been. They are both attention whores.
    Why does anyone care about these two and their publicity stunt???

    p.s. Great column. Very entertaining.

  5. beth

    What the fuck does Rosie being gay have to do with ANYTHING, Lisa? and ‘bulldyke’? yikes. you don’t mention that Donald is a cradle robbing hetero. Just lost what little respect I had for Lisa.

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