Barbra Streisand Quote of the Day

October 10th, 2006 // 7 Comments

On her recent concert tour Barbra Streisand mocks President Bush. A few dozen people began to heckle her with one man shouting, “What is this, a fund-raiser?”

“Why don’t you shut the f- – - up. If you can’t take a joke, why don’t you leave and get your money back.”


By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Lisa

    Good for the heckler!!!! I can’t stand it when I pay big bucks to see a musician and I end up getting a politician instead!!!!

  2. susiesneds

    Oh honestly Bab’s!! Leave your politics at the stage door along with your ego! In case you’ve forgotten, you did not get where you are based on your political leanings! What the TICKET PAYING FAN should have said back to her was,
    “Why don’t YOU shut the f- – - up! If you can’t take a joke, why don’t you leave and give us OUR money back!?”

  3. Molls

    Go Babs! If memebers of audience are not aware of Ms. Striesand’s political leanings then he or she must be living in a void. Also, making fun of Dubya is funny because, well, he’s inept. Better to ocassionally laugh at the man than to be always in a state of despair over the damage done by his administration.

    Once again, go Babs!!

  4. Stewie Griffin

    I’m with Babs and Molls on this one, you have to be a total retard not to know Streisand’s views on politics and even more of an idiot to yell at her during her own concert. In fact, I would’ve been disappointed if she hadn’t said something. If you want to go see a singer that’s just going to sugar coat things and have no opinion on anything, go see some lame-brain like Jessica Simpson or something, not Streisand. That’s the problem with the world today, too many people looking the other way, pretending nothing’s going on and not enough people speaking up…even if it is in jest. Good for her. What I find surprising is that anyone in that audience would even remotely defend Bush.

  5. Robert

    The funniest part of Streisand’s need for such humor is that the joke’s on her, and she doesn’t know it. South Park got her down to a T. “No, no, Babs… we’re laughing WITH you, honest!”

  6. Deb

    Stewie, you’re right on. In fact, I believe celebrity have not only a privilege but a responsibility to use their celebrity bring the masses’ attention to important issues. Because she’s a celebrity means she shouldn’t have a voice? But yet the guy in audience should – at HER concert? What’s next – we’ll start screening her lyrics to make sure there’s no political message in them?

  7. MikesterSTLMO

    Nothing justifies a star of Streisand’s stature to react in such a tacky and low class way. As Barbra said herself; you can take the girl out of Brooklyn, but you can’t take the Brooklyn out of the girl.

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