People Who Plant Bushes Are The Luckiest People in the World

Barbra Streisand is taking a hands-on approach to her newly-renovated Malibu estate by picking up and placing the last potted bush in its final resting spot. After years of expanding their home, it looks like Babs and her husband, James Brolin, are nearly done. That is the craziest kind of rich–building an entirely new house next door to the one you already have so you can meld them into a monster house of luxury.

If I didn’t know who this was, I would have assumed these were pictures from a few days ago of Punxsutawney Phil crawling out of his hole and I don’t know whether or not he saw his shadow, but quite frankly, the sight of THIS would be enough to make me go running scared.

Photos: Flynet Online

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Photos: Flynet Online