Barbara Walters Getting On Elisabeth From “The View’s” Last Nerve

March 22nd, 2007 // 14 Comments

The conservative chick from “The View” who they brought on as a target for the loud liberal chicks has had it up to here with Barbara Walters. Sources say that Elisabeth Hasselbeck is reacting in the negative to a recent verbal smackdown Barbara handed her on-air.

Tuesday’s show featured a segment about the Iraqi prisoner-abuse scandal during which O’Donnell snapped at an impassioned Hasselbeck, “You have to stop. You can ask a question, but you can’t just blather on your opinion.” “View” spokesman Karl Nilsson says there is “absolutely no truth or merit to any of this.

Bitches are bitching that she also thinks Barbara doesn’t have any “control” over the show anymore – especially when it comes to Rosie O’Donnell. A recent episode was dedicated to Rosie’s birthday, complete with a slew of Broadway numbers and Lizzie got jealous or whatever. People should stop kidding themselves as to how much Elisabeth’s opinion matters. Bringing Rosie’s loud, occasionally deluded, ass onto that show was the best thing the producers could have done for themselves. They’re constantly in the press. Elisabeth will be hosting five minute segments about pet care on the TV Guide Channel before they get rid of Rosie. She also better watch her mouth around that old crone Barbara. Star Jones is over at Court TV as we speak, sadly wondering why the quality of bagels are so much better over at ABC and why can’t Court TV get the GOOD cream cheese?

By J. Harvey

  1. pink

    I stopped watching because of Rosie..

    The show is too angry now.

  2. secretary

    Rosie is pretty controlling and she steamrolls anyone who doesn’t agree with her. I saw this episode of the View myself and Rosie did indeed say that to young Hasselbeck.


    OK, I read your blog every day and usually find it hILARIOUS! how you can take the side of Rosie against Hasselback? Give me a break! How can Rosie even say that to Hasselback? She does it ALL DAY EVERYDAY HERSELF. BLATHERING ON ABOUT NOTHING! I wish they would let me on the View, I would pay MONEY. They want to see ratings go through the roof? Believe me they would be in the stratosphere, because I would bring it ON with Rosie. The only thing Hasselback needs to do is stop the crying and take Rosie out. She can do it if she puts her mind to it. Rosie is nothing but a big mouth bully and for some reason people let her get away with it. I losT respect for Barbara WA WA when she stiffed Star Jones and YES, DONALD TRUMP GOT IT RIGHT ABOUT ROSIE AND BARBA WA WA. Barbara WA WA is a back stabber and Star outed her by trumping her card. She planned to use Star until Rosie came on board, then let Star go. Star was too smart for that and I guess her position was as a true sista girl would say IT AIN’T HAPPENING CAPIN! Bye, Bye. And she may be getting back on her feet, behind racial nepotism in the industry, but watch, she’ll come back and be bigger than ROSIE AND BARBA WA WA! I’m rather enjoying Barba WA WA getting what she deserves with Rosie and when Rosie is finnished ruining Barba WA WA’s already ruined reputation and she will go on her own way.


  4. Small Fry

    This clip proves two points.

    1. Apparently Rosie doesn’t realize that opinions are like ass-holes, everyone has one…and hers smells exactly like an asshole should smell. I love that she can have the loudest, most obnoxious, uneducated, celebutard opinion, but the second anyone else opens their mouth to share an opinion opposite of hers she jumps that persons shit. Amazing.

    2. Clips like these are the reason I live and breathe for reality television.

  5. michael landon

    I think “ICONIC” may be Star Jones himself. I feel kind of star-struck.

  6. Colby

    This is absurd!
    Rory Kennedy’s documentary is truly eye opening and well done. So while it was rude of Elizabeth to keep interupting her, it was even worse when Rosie chastised her in front of the guest. I don’t watch this show for two reasons:
    1. Rosie’s voice makes me want to pull my hair out (take it down a notch PLEASE)
    2. Hasselback is a poor representative of the 20 something generation. Perhaps Walters should hire someone less naive and conservative.

  7. seor

    yes, wig man was right about BW — it’s all about the doe, re, mi with her — she pays for interviews and she needs to stop pretending she doesn’t. nuff on that — eh needs to get some cajones and present a non hysterical, non mania driven argument and she might get some respect — she goes into transmit only and whatever point she was trying to get across gets lost in the table noise — i’ll give r’od a pass simply because of her charitable work — but she does pick the oddest fights (clay aiken:kelly ripa?)and like the true irish-amer she is, cannot let them go

  8. Brandi

    It’s about time Rosie takes her own advice and stops blathering on her opinions and not letting other people speak. The show has become a circus freak show. Sure it gets ratings….everyone loves watching a train wreck in action, but it has lost dignity. It’s no wonder Barbara Walters is hardly on anymore. I’d be ashamed to have my name attached to it as well. It used to be a forum where different women could express different opinions without a big fuss, now it’s just Mean girls, the menopause edition…..


    Michael Landon, I had to laugh, that was excellent pun! I love a smart writer, no I’m not Ms. Star thang and if you were referring to my point on “racial nepotism” I was not referring to black folks, I was speaking of the other folk in the industry who weld the power and decided to black list her in the name of Barba WA WA over what? ROSIE O’DONNELL? Give me a break, but as I said, I’m waiting for Star to Starshine cause she’s got the man upstairs on her side and when heh touches you, your stuff jumps off, OPRAH anyone? Ya dig?

    Peace Mikey!

  10. unohoo

    “The only thing Hasselback needs to do is stop the crying and take Rosie out. She can do it if she puts her mind to it.”

    I have to disagree. Hasselback just isn’t informed enough to do so.

    As much of a pain in the ass that Rosie is, she is informed. The other thing about Hasselback is that she’s one of those conservatives (not ALL of them!) that is SO far in denial about our gov’t, and she comes off as sounding like an apologist.

    and the only way that Star will wind up being “bigger than” Barbara Walters is if she gains all that weight back. you know, the weight she lost “with diet and exercise”.

    oh, and just so you know, having “the man upstairs” on your side doesn’t always help. just ask Job.

  11. Kelly

    Rosie is SO downright RUDE, I’m sorry but I am NO Longer watching the View, she’s RUDE!

  12. Wendy

    Man, those Kennedy women are UGLY. They all look like men and this one has too many teeth in her mouth.

  13. janet

    How wonderful Rosie, to be able to speak the truth without hesitation,to speak the truth. You all need to do your homework before you condemn someone.

  14. Sara

    I HATE Elizabeth.

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