Barbara Walters Forced to Comment on Rosie/Trump Feud

December 22nd, 2006 // 5 Comments

TMZ reports that Barbara Walters is a diplomat.

“Donald Trump is a personal friend of mine and has been a good friend to ‘The View’ for many years,” said Walters from abroad, via a rep for the show. “I’m sorry there is friction between Donald and Rosie.”

Walters then plumped for Rosie. “That said, I do not regret for one moment my choice to hire Rosie O’Donnell as the moderator of ‘The View.’ I certainly hope and expect that this tempest will pass quickly.”

Earlier today, Trump dragged Walters into the feud during a live interview on “Good Day LA,” saying that “Barbara cannot stand Rosie.”

I’m sure Barbara was thrilled with Trump for yanking her ass into this. A Socialite’s Life should have “Team Clam” and “Team Wig” t-shirts available any day now.

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By J. Harvey

  1. Barbara typically always will be politically correct in my view. I am sure with Donald Trump talking about lawsuits; I suppose the View could be a target. At times, on the show Barbara Walters will give Rosie O’Donnel a look of disappointment. I think Donald would win in the Rosie Vs Trump poll.

    See for yourself:

  2. Shelia Buchanan

    Rosie should learn to keep her mouth shut. At first Barbara kept her on a short lease, but as soon as they let her take over the show. Well, she should have looked at her self in the mirror when she did the comb over and made the face. I agreed with Donald, she needs all the help she can get in the beauty dept. I hope he does sue. Elizabeth and her know it all. I can’t stand the fact that they brought on a lesbian thinking they were going to raise the ratings. Serves them right when it is so obvious they can’t stand each other,esp: Joy. Don’t even get me started on her.

  3. TonysGirl

    I, agree Rosie should learn to keep her mouth shut. She is an overbearing know it all who thinks no body has an opinion, or a right to an opinion except for her. I, am not a Trump fan, but he had a right to defend being attacked. I, hope he does sue Rosie and she looses, big time. And Barbara needs to make better choices in choosing people to represent the “View”. I, watched the View a few times, and it seemed like nothing but physco’s talking.

  4. sc

    Rosie is a comedienne on a show called THE VIEW, on which she gave her point of view on Donald Trump in a comedic manner. Barbara Walters knew who Rosie was before hiring her and has benefitted from a ratings boost of 30 – 40 % for The View since Rosie was hired. Donald Trump wants media attention for his show’s upcoming season, so he is using schoolyard insults aimed at Rosie to garner publicity.

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