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September 7th, 2005 // 39 Comments

We now know where George W. got his tact from.

“Almost everyone I’ve talked to says we’re going to move to Houston.” Then she added: “What I’m hearing which is sort of scary is they all want to stay in Texas. Everyone is so overwhelmed by the hospitality.

“And so many of the people in the arena here, you know, were underprivileged anyway, so this–this (she chuckles slightly) is working very well for them.”

Barbara Bush: Things Working Out ‘Very Well’ for Poor Evacuees from New Orleans [Editor & Publisher via Bloody Sheets]

(Click here for the audio version).

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Jane

    Would you expect better from a morally bankrupt vodka-swilling drunk she-monster? Gawd help her put her fucking eyes back into their sockets and quit scaring the little children! Fucking beast!!!

  2. me

    Well it’s true!!!

  3. Artie Jones

    I hear they do grow ‘em big in Texas. Assholes, that is!!

  4. Madonna

    See these pictures of Whorelina cheating on Brad with the black regae singer Wyclef:

    He’s getting what’s coming to him. This is only the start. She sure as hell lost respect for lapdog Pitt fast.

  5. jim

    well 1 smart reply out of 3 isn’t bad.
    Hell one of you jarhead posters (modonna) posted on a totally different subject. It’s good to know the trailer parks now have dsl. LOL!!!!!

  6. meddy

    HA! Couldn’t have said it better myself Jim.

  7. bob

    what a vile whore.

  8. JamieB

    I hope that little girl bit the rest of his nubby little nuts off!

  9. pinkpop

    uh, “me” – what do you mean it’s true? it’s working out well for people who lost loved ones, possessions, homes, jobs and livelihood? is it working out well for those who suffered horrific circumstances at the superdome without food, water, medicine, or help for 6 days? is it working out well for the superdome survivors who were raped and beaten while starving and dehydrated?

    bab’s comment is unbelievably out-of-touch and utterly insensitive to the point of cruelty.

    what a national embarrassment this whole tragedy is.

  10. Let me spell it out

    Duh, the temporary housing situation is “working out well” in the short-term when you compare it to the toxic, tragic, hopeless place they were being evacuated from. The situation is somewhat embarassing, yes, but she’s just trying to put a positive spin on one aspect that’s actually working: Americans helping other Americans. Pinkpop, don’t inflame the situation more than it needs to be.

  11. me

    Sure there are aspects of this tragedy that are horrific. These people have it made, before the hurricane they were the lowest form of poverty, in America. You say they were living without food, water, and medicine for 6 days in the Superdome. These people have lived much longer than that without those items. They were poor, I would guess not one of them could say the last time they had been to a doctor. They have now found their way to Houston and Dallas to f it up. The economy in Texas is now going to suck, the schools are going to get worse, and the poverty in Texas will get worse. I hate Bush, but I don’t want these people fing up my state anymore than the Bushes and that govenor already have. There state failed them, why can’t they be transported to another part of Lousiana?

  12. Jasmine

    Me, where in Louisiana do you want them to take these people? Are you a city planner by chance? Thought not. That “idea” is naively ambitious and so typical of someone who cannot or will not think selflessly in a time of need.

  13. Presidential Sweet

    Babs is cunt, plain and simple.

  14. pinkpop

    spare the patronizing tone, “let me spell it out.” as an attorney who is now volunteering legal aid services to Katrina victims, i can assuredly inform you that babs’ comment pissed many off – survivors and volunteers alike.

    now let me spell it out for you. babs compares the current living situation (the huge houston sports complex) to an underprivileged lifestyle in New Orleans, NOT squandering around in putrid waters after the storm hit. READ for godsakes:

    “And so many of the people in the arena here, you know, were underprivileged anyway, so this–this (she chuckles slightly) is working very well for them.”

    it is extremely fair to assume that the context surrounding this statement refers to a lifestyle before the the storm hit, not after. her comments were stupid and it is out-of-touch.

    in addtion – the houston complex is no luxury. they are flood lights on 24/7 with traumatized families, and constant sobbing.

    back to work. i cannot waste my time arguing with you.

  15. me

    Jasmine, Louisiana is a pretty decent sized state, they could find the room. Many people here are dumb enough to take these strangers in, why aren’t people in Louisiana dumb enough to? We are converting old buildings into shelters for these people. Many churches and, like I said, random people taking refugees in. Why can’t their state do the same? You have no idea of my situation so do not say that I can not think selflessly. You have no idea of me, my profession, or my circumstances.

  16. savannah

    Me Said- AMEN! Wait til these people start looting, vandalizing, and screaming racism over in Texas. Lousiana is the most CORRUPT state in the country, they should be responsible for their own people.

  17. Laurie

    Me is such a confused fool. IT says that people in Texas are “dumb enough” to take in people so why aren’t people in LA that dumb? Probably because, like you just stated, you guys are dumb and you are clearly the Dummy Spokesperson #1. So LA should house nearly half a million people in old churches, etc.? That’s great! What are you going to do with the thousands that will be left over when those resources are exhausted? Make up your fickle mind; you either want people to take them in so they won’t dirty up your already filthy state but you think people that help them out are dumb! You are clearly a Texan -BIG and STUPID!

  18. I don’t see what the big deal is. Barbara Bush’s statements were taken out of context and blown way out of proportion. Overall, the transport of refugees to Texas is going well. The whole sitution is indeed going well for those who are now in Texas. What is the alternative? Staying in Louisiana in disease ridden waters, no food or medicine, and no basic utilities?

    I agree with Babs 100% The evacuation to Texas is going well, and the Government should at least be commended for that part of their involvement.

  19. SeaBreeze

    I’ll Be very honest here. I am in Houston and have participated in the help there. Her comments may have been taken out of context, BUT many many of these people are being fed alot better than they have been fed in a long while and it is true that it is working out well for many of them compared to what they came from in terms of their living conditions etc. They don’t want to leave Houston now because our local government plus fed help is giving them opportunities they never dreamed they could have in New Orleans. So in that asspect she stated things right even though she probably shouldn’t have said anything.


    Wow!! I did not know rich, old white people could be ignorant, white-trash. I will continue to be inspired by her comments when I am busting my ass working 2 jobs at 60 plus hours a week to support me and my son. Paying taxes out my ass when I really need the money so they can get a break and I am killing myself to stay off welfare. Atleast I know if I loose my trailer in a hurricane I be able to make it in a shelter cause I am poor trailer trash thanks to her generous son, our president, who gets his cuts on taxes off the backs of other Americans, like me, killing ourselves to give his goverment our hard earned money.

  21. Natalie

    There are cities in Louisiana that suffered from the hurricane as well. These cities have taken in evacuees, and their schools, hospitals, and public housings are taxed. In Baton Rouge (60 miles from New Orleans) has doubled in population. They are taking in as many people as they can.

    There is absolutely no reason not to take offers of free housing/help from other states. These people are not stupid, just very generous and helpful to let complete strangers in to their homes. Most of these people are going to be paying for food, clothes, time, etc…to these evacuees. I applaude them.

    Imagine if you were an evacuee…no money, no identification (Social security card, driver’s license), no way to prove who you really are…then try to go and get a job…how will anyone hire you? Try to get an apartment…ever leased an apartment without id or proof of having a steady income? Where will you get decent clothes for an interview? Nevermind that…what a bout a decent bath? Okay, now where are your family? Did you lose them by death or have no idea to contact the ones that are still alive. Simple necessities such as water, and food are scarce…if they can even get them, because God knows…Red Cross/FEMA are not fast enough.

    There’s nothing wrong or stupid about taking in people that need a fresh start.

  22. Denise

    Me and Savannah –

    You two are the reason most Americans are ignorant. Hopefully one of your family members won’t ever need help from anyone else because your diluted and pathetic remarks and lack of morals have assured you will always be clueless sub-humans. Your integrity and humanity is a disgrace and the fact that you both really believe you know what you’re talking about assures you both a seat in hell. You are obviously white Texans who think you’re better than “these” people when in reality, you are more than likely intellectually worse off. You should be ashamed at your level of stupidity and compassion. In short, and I’ll say this so even dumb-as-a bad of rocks fools like you can understand, FUCK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. me

    Not to have ID or some money is just stupid on their part, they had time to grab those things. They knew a hurricane was coming and it was recommended they evacuate. Now everyone is in Houston or Dallas, a few are scattered elsewhere, and they have more than enough food and water. They have kiosks set up to be able to find a job, and are bussing kids to school. Dallas schools suck, they are horrible, and now they have to expand for more kids? The best thing to happen to most of these people is this hurricane. They are now provided with food, water, shelter, schools, and jobs. They will, in time, get plenty of money for this. Have you seen these people on the news? We are talking dirt poor, they didn’t have anything to begin with.
    It is stupid to take these people into your homes. You don’t know them, how do you know they aren’t the people rapping and killing kids? You don’t know, and it is dumb to bring these strangers into your home.
    And dear dear Denise, you must think quite a bit of yourself. Calling people names? Don’t you know THAT is the lowest form of ignorance? It means you are to ignorant to form a proper thought to argue your case. You obviuosly have race issues that you need to deal with. I am proud to be a white Texan, I know the state has problems. I am not deluded in mine thoughts. You have no idea about me, just as I told Jasmine. So back off about my morals and a place in hell, it sounds like you will be there instead. Which is sad, so if you would like to know the way out of your way to hell please let me know. I will be glad to help you and point you in the right direction. I also do not think I am better than anyone, I know God created us all equal. I treat each and every human the same way. It just seems like we are offering them too much. They will not leave, and will want to leach off of our genorosity.

  24. Natalie

    Me is obviously a dumb teenager….enough said.

  25. me

    Oh Natalie, don’t I wish. I could be oblivious to all this.

  26. me is an idiot

    Me is more than likely a racist white Texan who is afraid of those ‘big poor negores.’ Me clearly does not give a damn about any people not well enough off such as his/herself, so ignore ‘Me’ for the rest of this thread.

  27. savannah

    Actually Natalie & Denise, ME is telling the truth, and you cant handle it because he refused to be “politically correct”. I believe we can solve the problem though, I propose we send all these people to YOUR hometown. That would be nice huh? And since youre so generous, maybe a few can stay in your house. You do have a house, right? Because they will be needing a mailbox to recieve their welfare check and a nice comfy couch to lay on 23hrs a day.

  28. me

    It’s true that this hurricane is like a dream come true for people. Look at idiots like George Clooney and his celebrity pals donating millions to these people. It’s going to be like they’ve won the lottery.

  29. Chinchilla

    Angelina Jolie is bonkers.

    Look at her history:

    Checked herself into an insanse institution claiming she’d murdered someone
    Cuts herself so that she can “feel” things
    Was a self-confessed heroin addict
    Hired a hitman to kill herself
    Screws married or attached men persistently. Why go out with single men when you can steal away an attached one?
    Mutilates herself with tattoos.

    As if this freak could ever adopt a kid in the US with her background. SO SHE BUYS BABIES FROM THIRD WORLD COUNTRIES WHO DESPERATELY NEED FOREIGN CURRENCY.

    Yes she exploits the lack of reproductive choices available to third world women.

    After all, why would Whorelina want to do anything to make birth control and family planning more available to third world women.

    Because then there would be fewer babies for her to BUY and she might just have to have her own like other women.

    What a self-involved publicity seeking whore.

  30. Barbara B

    I agree. These hurricane victims are probably jumping for joy right now at the thought of all these dumbass celebrities giving them millions.

    They are going to be queuing up with their hands out salivating at the thought of the cash which they’ll use to shoot into their arms and have another ten kids each since all they seem to do is reproduce more trash like themselves.

    I hope they are handing out birth control at the Texas aerodome.

    These people are real lowlifes. Even the Tsunami victims in South East Asia didn’t seize the opportunity to loot and rape.

    It’s a pity more of them didn’t die I say. Good riddance.

  31. Natalie

    Actually, we have some evacuees in our town, and I may open my door to a family.

  32. Kimmekap

    You do not get it… It can take months to see even $1K when you loose everything. I have lived on the NC coast my entire life, I have been through some horrible Hurricanes like Diana, Gloria, Fran, Bertha, Floyd, etc. & not to mention the tornados. We still have people in my town that have not received the assistant promised by FEMA,Red Cross etc. when the tornado came through almost 2 years ago. I have lost everything I own in 4 hurricanes & 1 tornado, yes I did “get out of dodge” when they were coming but I came home to nothing. I had a concrete slab and nothing else. You are not jumping when people are giving all this money because I got no more than $981.29 from Hurricane Floyd and I lost everything. The majority of the money donated goes back into the towns to rebuild goverment structures, business, roads, etc.. The schools are even the last to get assistance with this money. Plus the money goes to take care of the officials who are on payroll at FEMA, Red Cross, their staff and house volunteers. I am a single mom, working 2 jobs to stay off welfare and do not get hand outs but when I really needed help, it was not there. You have to fill out so much paper work and provide pay stubs, how can you do this if you do not have a job to go back to if the building is gone? You live just to get a shower which can be every other day or so, clean clothes and a meal which is usually sandwiches or some suck ass food. You live in a shelter with people you do not know and you do not know if they are criminals. You have no privacy and can not get a little silence. It is hell for those of us who work our asses off to pay taxes and are forced to live like animals. I can understand the looting when it means survival for your family. Yes, the low lifes do take advantage of the situtation especially when there are more of them then the police. I can remember wanting to die when I was living like this for weeks. Unless you live it, shut up because not all of us are out for the almighty welfare system or hand out…

  33. Savannah

    Kimmekap- Dont you get it? People here arent lashing out about the people who are in your situation. YOU are exactly the type of person for which the system was created to help. But unfortunatley, 75% of the citizens in the New Orleans are born into and die on welfare. They dont want a job. If you really live in the south, you would already know this. Its Americas dirty little secret.

  34. savannah

    Natalie- Thats awful valiant of you. Might I suggest you consider doing a criminal background check on all such people you take into your home. Be safe, you owe your family that much. Im not being snarky, I truly believe you are naieve. Be careful & Goodluck.

  35. maria

    Has anyone talked to an 85 year old lady lately?I have and they don’t make exact sense all the time or are politically correct. SO to get worked up over mama bush is ridiculous. ANd second of all those people are better off. I don’t know if any of you have ever been to new orleans but it is a very poor city when u actually get around it. Those people should be happy to go somewhere else rather then to sit in their flooded homes.They also need to help themselves rather then sitting waiting for the goverment to help them.

  36. savannah


    Most of the people in New olreans cant “help themselves”. They have been depending on “DADDY” (the Fed Gov.) to care for them their entire life. Now that we have had a natural disaster they cant believe “DADDY” couldnt immediatley come running to their rescue. IMO- ‘they made the bed’, live with it.

  37. Blueprynt

    wow..rascism is still alive? you guys keep getting worked up over this, with these rude/carless comments there are kids who have lost thier parents, elderly people on thier own, famlies seperated. and u people come with this hatred, this is ridculous i guess the “refugees”… i mean evacuees are “getting what they derseve” money, food, jobs, doctor check-ups for free. finally they get a lil heaven for going through hell.
    God bless people who are invinting them into thier homes.God will punish those who are rapping and killing. who cares if thier looting as long as they dont harm human life in the process.The poverty stricken people of N.O. will now learn not to take life for granted and most likely learn from this, rise up and become better human beings from this disaster.anyway you people with negative veiws towards blacks,like ME and SAVANAH keep throwing a temper tantrum because niggas dont really give a fuck about you and old hags like barbara bush..i hope texas starts to smell like gumbo and gets flooded with jazz bars.I was one of the smart ones and i got out days before so i’m not in all this BS. but i’m tellin the rest of my family to stay right in texas and mooch off of the lonestar state

  38. savannah

    Blue- If the “Niggas” dont give a fuck about me or “ME”, how come their screamin for help and cash? I dont see any other “Niggas” going to their rescue, do you? And as for your family staying in Texas; Im sure moochin comes natural but I doubt our welfare system will be footin the bill for eternity, so sooner or later they will have to move on. By the way- Im no racist, clearly, your just ignorant.

  39. Bab’s shut up and have another drink. She’s such a aristocrat!

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