Barbara Walters Is Hopping Mad At Lindsay Lohan [VIDEO]

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You can’t blame Barbara Walters for expressing just how disappointed she was in Lindsay Lohan on today’s episode of The View.  The interview – which had been on the books for quite some time – was scheduled to air on November 16th, 11 days before Liz & Dick premieres on Lifetime.

Walters had flown out to Los Angeles with her camera crew to interview Lohan on set, and had put a binder full of work into preparing for their big sit-down.

Then, Walters was notified by Lohan’s new press people that the troubled starlet didn’t “feel up” to the interview.  Lohan will, however, appear on Jay Leno November 20th, according to The Wrap

Walters, who has interviewed Elizabeth Taylor, told her co-stars and the audience how much she was looking forward to her talk with Lohan.  “It would have been a wonderful, wonderful interview, and she could have set a lot of things straight,” Walters said.

Watch the clip to hear what Walters had to say.