Barack Obama A “Fresh Prince” Fan

February 26th, 2008 // 31 Comments

Presidential hopeful Barack Obama says that if there was ever a movie made of his life, superstar and budding Scientology enthusiast, Will Smith, should portray him. He might have just lost my vote. Will gave out free Scientology personality-test/cult-snagging cards as a gift for the crew of his latest flick. I don’t want any kind of Xenu near my White House, thanks.

Obama supposedly told “Entertainment Tonight” that he and Will have actually discussed the fact that they both have large protruding ears and this means Will’s a shoe-in to play him in a movie. Oral-sex handles bring people together. I am dead serious, I do not want Will bringing Tom Cruise over to the damn White House to discuss policy. Separation of L. Ron Hubbard and state!

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By J. Harvey

  1. stevenjaba

    OMG – that would totally lose my vote too. You know the scientologists want in the white house badly – Tom said as much in that video. Because, after all, they are the only people that can help. Gag.

  2. Zekers

    Yes! Scientologists are just so awesome…fat, cranky, insecure…but they know it all!

    Tom Cruise
    Kirstie Allie
    John Revolta
    Leah Remey

    All are such rocket-scientists, yes?

  3. mojoman

    Wow, I would definitely think he will choose Denzel Washington for the role. That would be a perfect fit but noooo, it’s all about the ears, isnt it ‘Bama?

  4. T-Bone

    That stupid comment shows Obama’s inexperience and age, yet people flock to him because he’s black and shouts out things like “change we can believe in”. Whatever… Keep following him like little blind mice. This guy isn’t going to change a thing. Guaranteed.

  5. nikita

    Yeah, like Obama really sits around and contemplates this incredibly important issue. Entertainment Tonight probably threw the question at him and he answered it the best he could. I don’t see how this shows inexperience! Besides, Will Smith DOES look like him – tall, gawky with big ears.

  6. Zekers

    I’m concerned about his lack of experience too, but when I look at the “experienced leadership” we’ve had for the past eight years…my fear-factor has been severely dulled.

    …your trunk is showing T-Bone :)

  7. T-Bone

    I’m not going to say who I’m voting for, but I will say this… In an effort to not look like a country of idiots who will vote for anyone who sounds like a preacher, this race should come down to Hilary Clinton and John McCain.

  8. Eyes of Green

    T-bone – I agree. The commercials that B.O. has been running in Texas these past two weeks are almost like rock videos. There is no substance to the message, just a chanting of Change.

    I’m quite scared for our country.

  9. Zekers

    I’m scared too, EofG.

    T-Bone, I used to get paid to listen, and I do pay attention to what you say, so you don’t have to tell me who you’re voting for, I can make some assumptions on my own!

    As far as what the race “should” come down to…I can’t disagree. I see potential in Obama, just don’t think he is ready to handle the mess that is America right now. I certainly wouldn’t be opposed to him being a VP but I don’t think he’s anywhere near being ready.
    Probably going to catch hell for this but…McCain is too old. I like the guy, he has brass balls, but I want a President that isn’t going to be facing senility issues during his term.

  10. Krystyn

    “In an effort to not look like a country of idiots who will vote for anyone who sounds like a preacher…”

    funny. I think we’re already here. Although wait…this country voted in a man who sounded like bumbling fool. How can it get any worse?

    And I’m not voting for him because he’s black. I frankly didn’t expect a comment like that out of you T-Bone (you are a normally very mature poster who cracks me up 99.9% of the time)

  11. joan durtz

    T-Bone – You are an idiot. People are not flocking to him because he is black. What a typical dumb white girl thing to say. I am white and you just are a typical example of ignorance in a race. People like this man because he dares to speak of hope and things to come. He is extremely bright and can actually be a unifier for this country. Believe me, if he is elected he will be surrounded by a brilliant cabinet. He has what it takes to get the job done. Hillary on the other hand has turned into a sore loser and a total bitch. She is grasping for straws in desperation and has begun to lose fans with her lame behavior. She is too rigid anyway, and frankly does NOT have the experience that she speaks of. I am married to a heart surgeon so I guess that qualifies me for the operating room right? No, wrong! She has experience being a senator just like Obama has so she needs to STFU. And frankly so do you with your ignorant comment.

    OBAMA and EDWARDS all the way!

  12. T-Bone

    Statistics don’t lie, Krystyn.

    “Key to Mr Obama’s victory was the support of African-American voters, who made up about half the electorate and four-fifths of whom supported him, according to exit poll data”. BBC

    I want people voting on issues, experience, and past action. I don’t want this coming down to race or gender, for that matter. Makes me sick.

  13. T-Bone

    I commented on this post for exactly this reason. Let’s get the banter going!

    And this is a brilliant comment, Joanie.
    “People like this man because he dares to speak of hope and things to come”.

    SPEAKING is about all this guy is doing! Hey, I like the way he skipped out on the black union supporting New Orleans! Brilliant! And people think this guy is going to change things for them?? He has WAY too much to prove to change anything. If you’re a liberal Democrat, I suggest you vote for one Hillary Clinton. Barack Obama doesn’t even know what NAFTA and Universal Health Care stand for, let alone have a platform on the subjects. Hell, I’m not even a liberal Democrat and I can see that this guy isn’t going to do a thing! You want liberal change??? Well Clinton is about the only one proposing any of that. but hey – shoot yourselves in the foot again. What do I care?

  14. Chaz

    Right, it’s a huge benefit to be black if you want to be president. After all, look at all the black presidents we’ve had. Give me a break.

    Obama is a bit of a risk, but the competition isn’t a risk because they’re both guaranteed to be terrible.

    Anyway, back to my preferred subject: I didn’t get J’s reference to oral sex in the post. What’s that all about?

  15. Sue

    I think white voters are giving Obama a fair
    chance but I don’t think black voters are giving Clinton a fair chance.
    Who’s really being racist?

  16. joan durtz

    The joke is that people assume just because Barak is black he is going to get all of the black votes. The peanut gallery also thought that all women would vote for Hillary, wrong. Many black voters were unsure of Barack when he was first announced, and not all women were or are for Hillary because of her lame “stand by your man” BS. Plus, she tries to be a dude because she is in a powerful position and that is so passe & corporate america.

    T-Bone-Head, since I am SURE that you watch the Black Union every year that is hosted by Tavis Smiley you should know that it should not have been a priority for Obama this year. Don’t try to jump on some stupid bandwagon that you OBVIOUSLY know nothing about. ” I like the way he skipped out on the black union supporting New Orleans! Brilliant!” Another typical comment comes out of your mouth. You seem to be good at rhetoric.

    Anyway, if you are a news hound you would know that that union is a waste of time and issues don’t get resolved. He is running for a presidency and should not have been there. Period. Why don’t you read up on it and get back to me.

    I was initially for John Edwards. Since he has left the race I have connected more with what Mr. Obama is saying than what Hillary is saying. I am sticking to my guns on this one. Also, since when does all this “liberal Democrat” crap come from. You my friend stand for exactly what needs to change in this country. When is all this BS talk of separation going to change. We are all American and all living in a country like no other. We have freedoms that people of other countries can only dream of. Now let’s start acting like we are behind the same fence here. Maybe you would be better off in a communist country with all the other Dumya lovers.

  17. Zekers

    Obama is a risk, yes. Obama is inexperienced, yes. But the comment about his ability to bring hope to a country that is severely lacking in hope is so true. Again, I’m concerned with his lack of experience, but you make him sound like an uninformed moron-and he isn’t. He just doesn’t fit our stereo-typical politician, hell, Hilary fits that mode better than Obama. He has a lot to learn, as does Hilary, but the bottom line for me is we’ve been under Bush’s “leadership” for eight looooong years and it is indeed time for a radical change. I’m on the fence…watching and listening.

    On another note…
    Oh come on Chaz…”oral sex handles”…come on!

  18. T-Bone

    “Plus, she tries to be a dude because she is in a powerful position and that is so passe & corporate america”

    Another Brilliant comment from Joan. I get it. If a woman is smart, bold, educated, ambitious, and firm, she’s acting like a “dude”, right? She couldn’t possibly be acting like herself.

    And speaking of rhetoric, Obama is nothing but. Be very leary of the guy who has all the answers, but no plan. Yeah, he’s “the change” we need to see in Washington. If this guy gets in office, anyone want to bet that 3 years later we’ll still be in Iraq, still no change in health care, no change in North American Free Trade agreement, foreclosures or any other major political issue, because this guy has no idea what he’s doing. I’ve watched some of the debates between the two of them and he looks like a school-boy hanging on the coattails of his educated teacher.

  19. Ben says

    Obama, like JFK, is a media creation. He’s sponsored no significant legislation during his time in the Senate. He’s never run a tough election race. He’s flipped his position on Iraq and flipped back. He’s never made an important statement in any of his speeches, unless slogans cribbed from “Politics for Dummies” count…While Obama is just as manufactured as JFK was, he’s half as qualified and twice as phony.
    Benjamin Shapiro – WorldNet

  20. krystyn

    T-Bone: Statistics don’t lie? Well, no, I guess you’re right. Statistics don’t technically LIE…they’re just manipulated to support whatever argument you’d (the collective You, not you in particular) like to pose.

    I can quote some statistics too (like the BBC did), yet unless I sit down with you and go over my methodolgy as to how I came to such a percentage or conclusion, how could you just simply believe I’m accurate?

    So they may not lie, but they can certianly mislead someone or be manipulated. Statistics are subject to interpretation.

    Just saying.

  21. Cara

    I’m a mom. I won’t put anyone in office who
    smokes cigarettes or did drugs. I won’t vote for Obama. I’m still looking into the other candidates.

  22. Jen#1

    Democrats suck. period.

  23. nikita

    People really get riled up over Obama – either for or against. I’m personally for Obama but I’m also from Chicago and know someone that worked on his campaign for state senate – she said he is geniunely friendly by the way. I really don’t think there is a huge difference on issues between Clinton and Obama. And, for those that say he hasn’t had much passed in the senate, didn’t most democratic initiatives get shot down by the then republican majority congress? I think if Hillary was not Bill’s wife, she wouldn’t have gotten as far as she has in politics (unfortunately I suppose). So, in my opinion, Obama has gotten as far as he has on his own merits. But really, whatever – just vote for the democrat in November please.

  24. stevenjaba

    I can understand the argument that Obama doesn’t have enough experience. I’m not sure it’s correct, but it could be – I can see that.

    Here’s the thing – we KNOW Hilary’s record. We know she’s dishonest and manipulative and will do anything to get into power.

    I think she’d be the worse thing for our country, ever. Absolutely ever.

    And, to the Mom – I wish you wouldn’t take such a simplistic view.

  25. T-Bone

    Krystyn, I think when all is said and done you’ll discover that a large majority of African American voters voted for Obama. I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s as high as 80%, but I can’t say for sure. There’s no tweaking or manipulating what color, gender, age etc…people are when they vote. No one needs to manipulate the information. When they say 100 people turned up to vote and 75% of them were white and female, there’s really not much to manipulate there. It pretty much is what it is.

  26. Eyes of Green

    T-Bone – brilliant comment! Be very leary of the guy who has all the answers, but no plan.

    Long ago when the first whispers of Hillary running for pres. began, I was dead set against it. Now, looking at our options, I hope she wins. I am not a Democrat but I will not vote for McCain. He is not the person I want running my country. Obama is NOT experienced, what is this, his first or second Senate term? You cannot run a country because you are likeable or friendly or ‘cool’. You have to know wtf you are doing. Like her or not, Hill has experience in the White House (didn’t everyone used to say SHE was running it anyway?) She knows how to work that system. And I am so sick of people and their raging on her because she is a woman and she should not be so tough or ‘shrill’ or ‘bitchy’. If she were a man, the strengths she shows would be ‘powerful’. If it’s a woman, she’s a bitch. To me, that is more devisive than the race card.

    Plus, who wouldn’t want to see Bill as the First “Lady”…

  27. joan durtz

    T-Bone – You obviously don’t get it. I actually I believe that the references that I have made in my prior posts have gone over your head. Maybe you should stick to making snarky comments about celebs. It seems to be more of your forte’.

    The “dude” reference has nothing to do with what you are talking about. Everyone who knows anything about Hillary knows that she is an intelligent woman. I still do believe that some of her behavior is suspect.

    Uh, did you not read in the news that Hillary did not want to be on the cover of Vogue because she thought it would be too feminine of a representation for her as she ran for president? That doesn’t sound like a decision by someone who has embraced her HUGE HISTORY CHANGING role as the first woman presidential candidate to me, and frankly it did a disservice to women. If anything that would have really stuck it to the naysayers and anyone who thinks that a woman can’t run this country. It would have spoken to many woman and girls alike that “-We woman kick ass and are and always will be capable of great things- but anyway, she didn’t want to come off like that. There may be too many men that won’t take her seriously. That issue aside.

    Honestly, my dear T-Bone, Iraq is going to be fierce animal for any of these candidates to tame. I refuse to place a marker on anyone’s head who can’t get us out there fast enough. Your buddy Dubya (who you and all the lemmings voted for) has made a sick mess out of this war (ahem…that we should have never been in in the first place) and it will take years to correct. If I am not mistaken, Hillary was for the war wasn’t she? Yeah, I thought so.

    And what the heck do foreclosures have to do with this? As far as I am concerned this current government is lame for even considering bailing these idiots out who shouldn’t have bought houses they could not afford anyway. Since when does working at 7-11 for $6.25 an hour, having excellent credit, and being approved for a $500,000 that you can’t pay have to do with me and my tax money , or where it goes? F that.

    The burden of healthcare and the Fair Trade Agreement does not lie only on the candidates heads. We as a people will have a lot to do with that to.

    Right now our name is mud (the US) because of the moron that you thought was such a great leader. You talk about Barak looking like a “school-boy hanging on the coattails of his educated teacher”.

    Your current president looks like and has for past 8 years” the C student, draft doggin’, not-knowing-how-to-kronounce-words, slow dolt that he is.

    Anyhow, I think I am done for the day bringing up points that you won’t understand.

  28. T-Bone

    Joanie, dear – Pulling troops out of Iraq at this time is both irresponsible and dangerous. Sorry to say. In fact, all of the current candidates know this and WILL NOT (I’ll say it again WILL NOT) do an immediate troop withdrawl. Mark my words. SO don’t get your hopes up that your Messiah-like candidate, Obama, will do this. He won’t. There are two mind-sets at play here: 1) we broke it, so we need to go the distance to fix it, and 2) we need to stay until it’s safe for the Iraqi people to govern themselves and for the wheels of democracy to turn. You might not like that we’re there (many don’t), but to turn and run at this time is simply not a viable option.

    Your stance on foreclosures makes you sound more like a Republican than a Democrat, quite frankly. But here’s the deal…this country is on a downhill slide, economically. No one wants to bail people out of bad decisions, but the flip side of this is even worse. Foreclosure is something that we all should be concerned about, acknowledging its effect in our communities, cities AND the economy at large. If you think you’re immune to the economic repercussions of someone else’s foreclosure, WATCH AND WEEP — Joanie, because we’re all going to feel this one.

    Health care is in the hands of our leaders, fortunately or unfortunately, but I for one, would prefer it not be there. The government simply can’t handle taking on health care, so leave it alone and start following state-by state plans that work.

    I feel for you, Joan, because you’ve got a lot of money on your candidate. I think your real fear is discovering how little your Messiah, Obama, can do for this country. It’s gotta be tough putting all your eggs into one inexperienced yet pretty basket. Good luck to ya!

  29. John

    I like Obama’s sign but the only candidate this election keeping America’s promises is RON PAUL.

  30. Ustew Bedsheits

    “He’s lost my vote.”
    You Silly Rabbits! It’s Silly Season in Politics!

  31. Tera

    Amen John! I’m voting for Ron Paul too. And I’m black AND a woman!

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