Bar Refaeli Strips Down To Show Off Her Underwear Line [PHOTOS]

Wimbledon 2011
Wills and Kate popped in to watch a match.
Bar Refaeli has a new underwear line out that looks quite comfortable, if the photos are any indication. is designed “simply to fit,” according to to its site (which is coming soon).

The Isreali-born model showed off the product while playing a game of tennis.  Hopefully the Williams sister aren’t keen to try this look at Wimbledon.  Leave a little to the imagination, ladies!  Focus on a pop of pink instead of an ass cheek!

“It was appealing to me to do a line of underwear from the fabric I like with the basic, comfy design I always look for, as well as underwear that can actually be delivered to your door,” Refaeli said, according to the Daily Mail.  “The philosophy is that underwear should complement your body, not steal the show.”