Balthazar Getty And Wife Open Up About Sienna Miller Affair

In the recent issue of Harper’s Bazaar, Balthazar Getty and wife Rosetta got candid about the actor’s very public affair with Sienna Miller and about how they pulled through with their marriage intact.

“Here’s the bottom line: It was a very challenging time for everybody
involved,” said Balthazar.
“But I loved and missed my family too much not to make it work. Rosetta
is understanding enough and spiritual enough to let us try. In a way it
— I don’t know … I feel like we’re better than we’ve ever been.”

Rosetta seconded her husband adding, “I’m open to talking about it because I believe we go through things
in a public way to help other people get through it. I’m
going to have to explain this to my daughters one day. I chose not to
act from ego because I just felt like it would be too crushing for my
children.” Someone should give this woman a medal for restraint, jeez (someone else we know seems to find it difficult).

Good to see these two are happy and making it work…in a beautiful mansion no less! But it happens again…well, we’ll be waiting!