Baldwin The Bastard

While on the set of “The Girls Guide to Hunting and Fishing,” Alec Baldwin reportedly made the cast and crew uncomfortable with his nasty temper and unprofessional behavior. According to a source Baldwin was a “total bastard” and a tyrant. The insider claims that he consistently complained about the scheduling of the production, and even once said he was only doing it for the money.

The same insider claims that Sarah Michelle Gellar recently called Baldwin a “nice guy” strictly for public relations reasons, however, SMG’s rep, Leslie Sloan Zelnick said that was untrue. Zelnick went so far as to say that SMG should be Alec’s publicist because she loves him so much.

Hmmm…Interesting. I wonder who’s telling the truth. Baldwin has a history of being volatile and abusive, so I don’t put anything past him. I don’t really see him as a sweet guy that SMG would “love.”


Written by Christina Sciarrillo

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