Bald Matt Damon Has Family Time In Canada

Oh Matt Damon. Why, oh why would you do that to your hair? And if you tell me it’s for a movie role I will tell you to drop said roll because…no! He has such magical hair. But bald he kinda looks like some evil super villain. Well maybe that’s the look he was going for. Maybe he’s trying to hide from the allegations he was part of an illegal poker ring. Maybe? Nah.

Matt was out with his wife, Luciana Barroso, his mom, and his daughter. They all look so happy and content biking around Vancouver. His daughter is super adorable. Make sure to check out the gallery to see pics of the family together. And to see more of bald Matt.

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Matt was recently talking to reporters about how hard it is to live a normal life and have privacy. He said for him it’s easier since he lives in New York and isn’t married to a famous actress. But he did cite some friends like Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, saying, “I have friends who are like prisoners. They can’t just go someplace. If they go for a walk, it turns into an international incident.” Well Matt, I’ll try not to turn it into an international incident if I see you.

Now open the gallery! Enjoy the bald Matt! The lovely wife! The adorable daughter! Good times.