Bai Ling’s Love Life Made Her Steal Tabloids and Batteries

Photos: Splash

As crazy as I thought it was when I read that Bai Ling had been pinched for shoplifting at LAX, when I saw this morning that her explanation for committing the crime was that she was in the midst of a break-up, I have to say that my heart softened a little. The wacky actress told E! News that she had been having an “emotionally crazy” day due to having to deal with the “huge problem of breaking up [before] Valentine’s Day.” Bai’s explanation of the couple’s problem was simple, “Wrong boyfriend.”

Apparently, she was on her way to work on a movie in Albuquerque, entitled “Love Ranch,” starring Joe Pesci and Helen Mirren. Now, I know otherwise sane women, who have lost their shit during a break-up, turning into lovelorn maniacs capable of slashing the tires of a woman they suspect is the new love in their former flame’s life. And Bai Ling already strikes me as pretty crazy. We’re probably lucky she didn’t hijack a plane. Her shoplifting may have saved some lives.

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