Bag Man Alert! Here’s Some Of Our Favorite Homeless And Bizarre Shia LaBeouf Looks!

In All Honesty Shia
We don't want to pick on you! We actually think you're awesome!
We really don’t mean to pick on Shia LaBeouf.  We get it, he’s been going through a “difficult time” with all his recent outbursts and bizarre behavior.  But that doesn’t mean we can’t have a little fun with some of his…interesting fashion choices.

One of our favorite games to play is “Shia or Street Man”.  The name says it all.  You see a picture and have to guess if it’s Shia LaBeouf or a vagrant.  Almost always it’s Shia.

This gallery is a little twist on that game.  We’ve compiled some of Shia’s most bizarre and “homeless man” looks.  There were quiet a few but we managed to narrow it down to 12.  They range from slightly vagabond-esque to downright bag man!

Something else we found out about Shia that was equally disturbing, is his love for repeating outfits.  We get it, we all have that favorite pair of pants we love to wear, but Shia takes it to a whole new level.  We all know he isn’t pressed for cash.  I mean hello!  He had to make at least a couple mil from all those Transformer movies!  So there really is no excuse why he keeps reusing the same shoes/pants/shirts in different combos.  Try and count how many times you see Shia repeat a certain item.  It’s actually pretty hysterical.

We really hope this gallery convinces Shia to stop digging through thrift store bins garbage cans and clean up his look a little.  He actually is pretty cute when he does!  We’ll see how far our fashion reach goes.  We doubt it will have any affect on him.

Launch the gallery to view some of our favorite Shia LaBeouf hobo chic looks!