BAFTA’s 2012 – The Men

Jean At The DGA's
Jean Dujardin at the 2012 Directors Guild Awards.
Well hello there men! So nice of you to stop by. The red carpet at this year’s BAFTAs was like a who’s who of sexy. My personal favorites? Jean Dujardin and Michael Fassbender. A congratulations is also in order to Mr. Dujardin who took home the prize for Best Leading Actor for his work in The Artist. Bravo to you good sir. Sadly he did beat Michael, but Michael got himself an award last night

Joining those two sex pots–and talented actors–on the red carpet was none other than Gary Oldman. I love that man. Love him to pieces. Sadly, he didn’t win, but his film Tinker, Tailor, Solider, Spy took home awards for Best Adapted Screenplay and Outstanding British Film. Plus, Gary Oldman wins at life, so I’m sure he’s doing just fine. 

Also, can we all just take a moment and appreciate how well dressed Jeremy Irvine is? That kid needs to be in way more movies. Stat! Other well dressed men on the red carpet include Eddie Redmayne, Daniel Radcliffe and Jon Hamm. Launch the gallery to see all the men and tell us who is your favorite.