Badminton: Not Just For Drunk Amateurs [PHOTOS]

In the words of Sammi Sweetheart, the Olympics are “no joke.”  Time, money, blood, sweat, tears and the like are invested in just a few moments of glory.  One of these moments took place today on the badminton court.

Yes, the same game you and your friends play in the summer.  One hand holds a racket, the other holds a cocktail.  Never would I have imagined seeing Susan Egelstaff of Great Britain go nuts against Japan’s Sayaka Soto.  Alas, this has been going on since the 1992 Barcelona Games.

Here’s the sitch: Only three athletes per country in each Singles event, and two pairs in each Doubles event, according to the Olympics rule book.  It’s like tennis, but with a birdie (or shuttlecock, as they’re officially called), a smaller court and a few tweaks. 

“Badminton is a fast and dynamic sport,” according to the London 2012 Games site.  “Players need to be incredibly fit, have lightning quick reactions and excellent judgment. Doubles players must be in perfect harmony, working together as a team.”

Ok, we have been operating on a different wavelength in the states this whole time.

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