Bad Prom Memories?

Opting out of a chance to compete in the now wildly successful, “Dancing with the Stars,” actress, Jennifer Aniston and retired professional athlete, Reggie Miller, have decided to sit this one out, thankyouverymuch. The National Ledger reports:

When reports emerged earlier that ‘A’-lister Jennifer Aniston wanted to sign on with the hit show, though many were hopeful, few believed she would. She quickly halted the speculation with a testament from her publicist.

Now it appears that former NBA superstar Reggie Miller will go the same way. According to a report from Us Weekly the retired Indiana Pacer’s star and TNT NBA analyst, 41, tells the weekly entertainment magazine that he was approached to be on Season 4 of Dancing With the Stars, but decided to pass.

Yeah, I have a feeling Jennifer’s had about enough of seeing her reality on television, without even having to actively participate in reality TV. However, I’m all about seeing professional athletes getting out there and busting a groove, so I really hate to accept an excuse from Reggie Miller.

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