Bad News For Those Of You That Are Still Watching Scrubs

There’s a rumor going around town that Scrubs is over, and it is coming from a very reliable source. Zach Braff recently turned to Facebook, announcing, “Many of you have asked, so here it is. It appears that ‘New Scrubs,’ ‘Scrubs 2.0,’ ‘Scrubs with new kids,’ ‘Scrubbier,’ ‘Scrubs without J.D. is no more.’ It was worth a try, but didn’t work zb.”

And while ABC has yet to comment, Scrubs creator Bill Lawrence told E News that the show has not been cancelled, and people are making assumptions. No one else from the cast was available for comment. Even the show’s writers took to Twitter to announce a short break where they would “pop back on if there’s news for the future.”

For the time being, it is looking like Scrubs fans should brace themselves for some bad news that may be coming their way sooner than later!

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