Bad Fashion Overtakes ‘Factory Girl’ Premiere

This was the event that our Fashion Disaster of the Day, Mena Suvari, wore her lovely outfit to. As you can see by the photos of Mena, we didn’t even bother talking about her dress. And Sienna, please do something about your hair, and your makeup!

Sienna Miller and Mena Suvari caused quite a stir at the Ziegfeld Theatre in New York when they turned out for the premiere of their latest film. The two actresses, who sailed up the red carpet arm-in-arm, were both glowing with pride as they presented their much-talked about drama Factory Girl.

“It’s a dream role,” she said at the screening. “It’s an honour to play her. I researched it for about a year – I empathised with her so much.”

What’s up with Guy Pearce? When did he get so manorexic?

Many more photos from the “Factory Girl” red carpet after the jump.