Backstreet Boys Attempt to Become Relevant Again

The Backstreet Boys are really more like the Backstreet Men these days, with Nick Carter, the baby of the bunch, fast approaching thirty. Yikes. And with the boys/men set to release a new album “Unbreakable” at the end of the month, they’re hoping they can pull off a comeback.

“I think unfortunately we just got – kind of got categorized…I think there was a time period where people, like, didn’t want to say they liked us,” Carter said. “I just think you just kind of got to get passed that whole stage and, you know, maybe people will start coming back around.”

Dang if Backstreet’s not looking rough and stuff. Apparently Nick Carter and A.J. McLean both have their torsos in the same climate, but Nick’s legs are enjoying some summer breezes in his flip-flops and long shorts. You never know when a tropical storm might suddenly break out around your knees.