Bachelor Parties Are The DEVIL

October 13th, 2005 // 18 Comments

If you are a Paris.

Paris Hilton has revealed during an interview for an American magazine that the real reason she dumped her fiancée, Greek heir Paris Latsis was because he cheated on her during his bachelor party.

It appears that Hilton confessed during a party in Los Angeles that she dumped Latsis because he cheated on her during his bachelor party.

And, during an interview with “Extra” magazine she was asked what advices will she give to a man who wants to get married, Paris said: “Just be good to your girl and communicate and tell the truth.”

“Don’t cheat on her at your bachelor party … because when guys do that it’s disgusting. Whoever I marry is not going to have a bachelor party,” added Paris.

[Spotlighting News]

Well, since she’s not a “sexual being” (yeah right), I guess you have to get it from somewhere.
Anyways, Man Paris is so grimy looking. He looks like he bathes in a vat of grease. From Greece. HA!


  1. Lily

    Oh she is LYING…. That slut wants some sympathy. She knows she is a huge slut and is trying to play the victim card…..

  2. Z

    Looks like she was very careful to not actually accuse him of cheating directly. Think she’s gotten the taste of Rick’s dick out of her mouth yet?

  3. Bonnie

    Like this bitch can talk. She cheated on Paris with Chad Michael Murray.

  4. dottcomm1

    aren’t bachelor parties closer to the wedding day? they didn’t even set the date. he cheated just because… (wouldn’t you??)

  5. nunya

    Maybe he cheated because the dancer had mot tit than she did. She should just buy a big set of titties! Paris has the body of a greyhound!

  6. Trey

    His family kicked her to the curb. Now pairs hilton is trying to make it like she is the one who called off the wedding for whatever trumped up reason she can think of. Paris hilton does not want to be humiliated even furher. She is not even pretty, Paris latsis can do much better in the looks department with all of his familys billions he has, or will have someday.

  7. mam

    Thats what I was gonna say Dottcomm! Why would they have a bachelor party? Usually that would be when the wedding is like a week or few days away and supposedly it wasnt even planned! Or was it…hmmm, maybe they were trying to keep it a secret? I guess we’ll never know but most likely, she is lying or it is a lie!

  8. netty

    This story is bogus! C Mon peeps!

  9. Sandie

    She did a dam SEX/PORN VIDEO!!!! What is she re-born? The least he could do was get a little something at the supposed bachelor party!!! Latsis = Smart Guy.
    Paris need to drop out of the spotlight for like forever.

  10. looloo

    Trey is right,I think…all the comments from Latsis’ parents about Hilton were not very favorable (and justly so). Regardless of how dead sexy she is (yeah, right!), boy Paris must have realized that if he married that tramp, he was going to be cut out of Daddy’s will!!

  11. ali

    That would be mommy’s will actually! Wow, i know way to much about these losers!

  12. Darius

    “Regardless of how dead sexy she is (yeah, right!)”

    Loo Loo, AKA Looney — has very low standards if he/she thinks paris hilton is sexy. You are in the minority dude, she is the epitome of a buttaface. But I guess when you dress like a slut because your face is so fugly, you can be considered “sexy” because you have nothing else to offer up. Jessica Alba is beautiful, paris hilton is not. Just a streetwalker in costly clothes.

  13. fat marykate

    I used to love Paris but when is she going away? OD or something bitch!

  14. Cynthia

    I am really glad you came to your senses, MaryKate.

  15. looloo

    Darius….Here’s a hint from ‘Looney’: Make sure you understand my comment before you try to make a smart retort. I was being SARCASTIC about Ms. Hilton. I think she is a fucking stupid bitch. Kind of like yourself.

  16. ashley

    Chad Michael Murray cheated on Sophia with the SLUT Paris Hilton… poor Sophia!

  17. Silasdog

    Paris needs to be forcefully cuffed about the head area.

  18. Cynthia

    Sounds good, but wouldn’t do much damage, seeing as how her head is empty!

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