Baby’s Got Bank

Sutton Pierce Federline will soon grace the pages of People Magazine. With her publicist on hiatus, Britney has been doing her own PR, and negotiated her deal with People on her own.
Let’s just hope that Brit Brit can handle herself and subject us to inappropriate images (a la her Matt Lauer appearance). I’m praying that we’re spared the diaper change or breast feeding shots.

Sutton’s debut into the public eye is earning his mommy a pretty penny. Sources say that Britney turned down an offer from OK! magazine that was close to $2 million. If Britney keeps popping them out at this rate, she’s reclaim her Highest Annual Earnings by a Female Singer throne in the Guinness Book of World Records.

Britney Debuting Sutton in People [Popsugar]

Written by Christina Sciarrillo

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