‘Baby I Lobe You’: An Autocorrect Love Song [VIDEO]

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As someone who was a victim of autocorrect this morning, this hits really close to home. Granted, I wasn’t telling someone that ‘I lobe them’, but it was still an unfortunate incident.

There is a song about nearly everything you could possibly sing about: cars, men, women, and even red cups. Why not create a song about iPhone autocorrect errors? It seems plausible to me.

Calling Justin Bieber or Lil Wayne. Time to start writing a new song!

What are some of your favorite lines from the song? I really enjoyed, “Baby Girl I wanna kill your lips”. A romantic text can turn into a murder threat by changing just two simple letters.

No one realized how crucial proper spelling was until they iPhones came out.

Check out the video above and let us know how many of these autocorrects have happened to you in the comments below!

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